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18/4SHP-500 - 18 Gauge 4 Conductor Shielded Plenum Cable, 500ft

18/4SHP-500: 500ft 18-4 Shielded Plenum Cable

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The 18/4SHP-500 is a 500ft box of bulk 18 gauge 4 conductor stranded shielded plenum multi-conductor cable.  It features a CMP or plenum rated jacket with an overall shield and drain wire.  The plenum rated jacket supports building codes where wires are installed in plenum open-air ceilings.  The overall shielding and drain wire are used to combat outside interference from harming or interrupting the signals your cable is carrying.  Using 18-4 shielded plenum cable is very common in commercial security, access control, communications, and low power applications. 

This 500ft box of 18-4 shielded plenum cable is certified for in-wall use in both residential and commercial low voltage applications. It comes in a 500ft put-up and includes a rip cord for easy stripping. It features 4 stranded bare copper conductors that are color coded for easy identification.   

Cabling Plus offers the professional grade 18-4 shielded plenum cable manufactured using the highest quality materials.  Professional installers, integrators, business owners, and do-it-yourselfers all over the US put their trust in our plenum shielded multi-conductor cables!  

  • Includes: (1) 500ft of 18-4 Shielded Plenum Cable
  • 500ft
  • Jacket Color: White
  • Jacket Type: Plenum Rated (CMP)
  • Conductors: 18 Gauge, 4 Conductor, Stranded Shielded, with Rip Cord & Drain Wire
  • Shielding: AL Foil
  • Color Coded Conductors: Red, Black, White, Green
  • Bare copper conductors
  • Rated temperature: 75°C
  • Polypropylene or FR Polypropylene insulation
  • Cabled construction
  • 300V operation
  • Approvals: UL Type CMP/CL2R/FTR
  • Part#: SCP-18/4SHP-500

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