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AQ224 – West Penn Aquaseal 18-2 Stranded Multi-Conductor Cable, 1000ft

<p>West Penn: AQ224 Aquaseal 18-2 Multi-Conductor Cable</p>

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The West Penn AQ224 Aquaseal 18-2 Stranded Cable is designed for indoor and outdoor fire, security, and control applications. It features 2 conductors that can support low voltage power, signal and circuit requirements.  The AQ224 also features the West Penn Aquaseal technology that uses a 2 ply water swellable tape to protect the cable when installed in wet environments.  This cable also features a UV rated, moisture resistant jacket that makes it ideal for exposed and underground applications.

The AQ224 is Direct Burial Rated

The West Penn AQ224 Aquaseal 18-2 Stranded Cable is constructed using (2) 18 gauge stranded bare copper conductors that are color coded black and red.  It is also 300 volt rated.  

Applications: Security, Surveillance, Security, Access Control, Automation, Controls

  • Low Voltage Industrial Process Controls
  • Low Power Circuits
  • Power Limited Circuits
  • Power Limited Fire Alarm Circuits
  • Power Limited ray Cable PLTC
  • Speaker Level
  • Includes: (1) AQ224 Aquaseal 18-2 Stranded Fire Alarm Cable 1000ft
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • 1000ft Spool
  • Conductor: 18 AWG Bare Copper
  • Stranding: 7x26
  • Insulation Material: PVC With Nylon
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.015" Nom.
  • Number of Conductors: 2
  • Shield: N/A
  • Drain: N/A
  • Water-Blocking Tape: 2 ply water swellable tape
  • Jacket Material: Sunlight/Moisture Resistance PVC
  • Jacket Thickness: 0.040'' Nom.
  • Overall Cable Diameter: 0.270'' Nom.
  • Approximate Cable Weight: 59 Lbs/1M' Nom.
  • Flame Rating: UL 1685 Vertical Tray
  • Temperature Rating: -20deg C to 60deg C
  • Operating Voltage: 300 V RMS
  • Max.Capacitance Between Conductors @ 1 KHz: 30pf/ft Nom.
  • DC Resistance per Conductor @ 20deg C: 6.2 Ohms/1M' Nom.
  • Insulation Colors: Black, Red
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • TIA455-82B Water Infiltration Test Compliant: Yes
  • UL 444 & 13 Compliant: Yes
  • Part#: AQ224

Part#: AQ224

Description: 18/2 Stranded bare copper conductors, overall unshielded with Aquaseal tape and overall jacket

Ratings: FPL – PLTC, NEC Article 760 And 725

Approvals: (UL) Listed - Direct Burial Rated

Applications: Materials suitable for outdoor use, and indoor trays, allows a variety of uses for (Low voltage industrial process control circuits, Power-Limited circuits, Power-Limited fire alarm circuits, Power Limited tray cables PLTC)