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In Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are the most popular speaker types used in the home to support surround sound system and home theater installations. Both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers allow you to flush mount your speakers in the wall or ceiling to give your installation the most decorative look. By installing in-ceiling and in-wall speakers you can get the precision sound you want all throughout your home without giving up any space!

Enjoy the best sound with In-wall Speakers and In-Ceiling Speakers! 

In-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are the best selling speaker types used for residential sound installations. The positive thing about them both is their ability to mount flush in the wall or ceiling. This is ideal to not only save valuable space in your home but also to provide a cleaner more decorative look. For the most part, in-wall speakers tend to be rectangular, and in-ceiling speakers tend to be round. But the truth is you can mount any in-ceiling speaker and in-wall speaker almost anywhere! 

In-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers really work the same as most common speakers. But instead of having a big cabinet that houses them they really just use the wall or ceiling as their cabinet. Using in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are a great option for a new construction home, adding a surround sound system, building a home theater, or just to add sound to your favorite room. Most in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers are affordable, easy to install, and very simple to maintain. Regardless of if our home it already wired for sound or if you need to run new speaker wires, both in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers can be installed in a very short time. 

At Cabling Plus we offer high performance in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers to support any installation type. We offer the speakers that provide the high fidelity sound along with the quality craftsmanship and construction you deserve. All of the in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers we provide offer the strongest warranties in the industry. Let Cabling Plus provide you with the speakers you need for a professional home theater or surround sound system installation.

How do I install in-wall speaker and in-ceiling speakers?

Both in-wall and in-celling speakers come with cut-out patterns that are used to create the right sized holes that need to be cut to support them. You basically take the pattern and place it on the wall. Then you trace the pattern with a pencil to so you can accurately see the lines you need to cut. Most in-wall speakers will have a square hole pattern where most ceiling speakers will have a round hole pattern. Once your pattern is in place you can then take a drywall saw and start cutting out the pattern. The end result will be an open hole to place your speaker in. The next step is to attach your speaker wire to the speaker and then place it in the hole. The final step is to use a screw driver to turn the bracket ears of the speaker. This will tighten the speaker to the wall or ceiling to create a nice clean installation.

What type of speaker wire do I need install my speakers?

Most speakers require a 2 conductor speaker wire connection. This would be a 12-2, 14-2, or 16-2 speaker wire type. The speakers will feature two color coded (black and rad) connections on them to match polarity of the speaker wire. A two conductor speaker wire is constructed using black and red conductors which will simplify the installation. So the color codes are already in place and the entire installation of both in-wall speakers and in-celling speakers is just plug and play.

What kind of tools do I need to install my speakers?

The tools needed for a successful speaker installation are very basic. You will need a ladder of course if you are installing in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers up out of your normal reach. You will also need a utility knife or drywall saw, wire strippers for preparing the speaker wire properly, a Phillips screwdriver and/or drill, a pencil, a level, and a tape measure.

How do I prepare the speaker wire for attaching it to my speaker?

In order to attach the speaker wire to the speaker you will need to strip about 4 inches of the outer jacket off to expose and work with the individual conductors. Then you will need to use a standard wire or cable strippers to strip about a ½ inch off of each individual conductor. This will expose the bare copper strands of each conductor. Once you have the bare copper strands exposed you can simply put them into the correct terminals or binding posts on the speaker. Most speakers will have some type of connection type to tighten in order to attach to the speaker wire. The connection mechanism on the speaker will create a strong long lasting connection to the speaker wire.

Where should I mount my in-ceiling speakers?

You have the freedom to mount in-ceiling speakers really anywhere you want! You obviously want to mount them as close as possible to your critical listening areas. But it really depends on the sound system you are trying to create. If you are using speakers for casual background music then you can install just two speakers in every room and get the quality you want. But if you are building a complete surround sound system for entertainment purposes then you may want more speakers and you may want to be more strategic with their positioning.

Are all speakers created equally?

No they are not! Some speakers use better material when they are constructed, and some speakers provide more power. But the truth is that there are great quality speakers that will support almost any budget. There is no reason you can’t get the high performance sound you want without breaking the bank. With so many speaker manufacturers out there you will notice that many of them really have the same components and same specifications. One of the most vital characteristics of a good quality speaker is the warranty. When a manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on their speakers this is a good sign that they believe in their product and they are standing behind its quality and longevity.

Do you recommend managing my speakers with a volume control?

Breaking your sound system into zones and using volume controls to manage them is a smart move. A volume control allows you to control each area or room independently instead of forcing the sound levels to be at the same level in all areas while managing the speakers at the receiver. A volume control allows you to control the volume levels or completely mute the speakers in some areas while having the volume higher in other areas. Using speaker volume controls give you much more control of your sounds system and makes the overall management of the sound much easier.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my speakers?

The most challenging part of installing speakers is running the speaker wire. If your home is already built many home owners struggle with opening up the walls and running speaker wire in the ceilings or walls. If you can identify your speaker wire runs and get the wire installed then you have accomplished the toughest part. Depending on the construction of your home you may have an attic, basement, or cable paths already in place. If this is the case then installing your speakers will be fast and simple. Some homes are even already pre-wires which in this case you are just cutting holes and mounting speakers. The entire installation requires tools that most people either already have at their home, or tools they can buy very inexpensively. So if you are a little crafty and have some do-it-yourselfer qualities than you can easily get your sound system installed correctly on your own. If you are not that type of person there are numerous local home theater or professional AV installers that can come over and give you a quote on the installation while even recommending to you some speaker brands they think you may like.

Which speaker brand does Cabling Plus offer?

We offer the entire line of Channel Vision in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. We have chosen the Channel Vision line of speakers due to their performance, durability, and outstanding warranty. As an Authorized Distributor of the entire line of Channel Vision speakers we make sure your warranty is honored and you get the support you need for a successful installation!