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Home Theater Wall Plates

Home theater wall plates are vital to the success of any home theater or audio video system installation. Home theater wall plates allow you to easily organize and manage all your audio video cables, while ensuring your installation has the most professional look. We offer a huge selection of home theater wall plates and accessories designed by the leading manufactures in the home theater and audio video industries. Use the home theater wall plates the professionals use!

Use our Home Theater Wall Plates for a clean professional installation!

Using quality home theater wall plates can really make a difference in your installation. By using home theater wall plates you are ensuring that all your cables are managed and organized using the best installation practices. Home theater wall plates can consist of a simple cable pass through wall plate, or even a more complex wall plate that include integrated power. A home theater wall plate is best for managing all audio, video, and network cables as they enter and leave the wall. 

Most home theater, audio video, and surround sound system installations consist of many cables that are used to attach and connect various components. These components could include cable TV boxes, television sets, video switches, audio receivers, DVD players. Blu-ray players, or any other components used in a residential audio video system. If you are not able to organize and manage all these cables, you could be creating a nightmare for yourself! Not to mention who really wants to install a bunch of high end audio video equipment and have the installation look unprofessional? 

At Cabling Plus we take pride in offering all the high-end home theater wall plates you need for a clean, professional installation. We have home theater wall plates that allow you to protect, organize, and easily manage all your audio video cables in the best way possible. We even offer the home theater wall plates that offer an integrated power outlet so you manage cables, and provide power to your components all from the same wall plate. Get on the road to a professional installation with the use of our premium home theater wall plates!

Why are they called home theater wall plates?

The name "Home Theater Wall Plates" has grown in popularity because the plates are often used to manage in-wall cables that are used in home theater system installations. A home theater installation encompasses the installation of numerous audio video cables used to connect home theater entertainment products, surround sound components, and audio video devices. Although they are called "Home Theater Wall Plates", they really can be used in any commercial or residential low voltage cable installations. This can include network cabling, surveillance, audio, video, security, and even home automation applications.

How does a home theater wall plate work?

Most home theater wall plates are really put in place to manage and organize low voltage cables as they enter and exit the walls. A simple example of this would be running HDMI cables from a wall mounted TV to the cable TV box, DVD player, or Blu-Ray player. The HDMI cables can enter the wall from the back of the TV and be ran in the walls to the location of your components. This will allow you to hide cables in the wall so your installation has a clean professional look. A home theater wall plate will give your cables a clean entry and exit point in the wall, while also giving your cables the protection they need so they are not damaged in the installation process.

How do you choose a home theater wall plate?

There are numerous home theater wall plate options available to support your applications. Home theater wall plates come in different colors and sizes to support both the look you want, and the amount of cables you need to successfully manage. Although home theater wall plate all pretty much work the same, they are available in different looks and configurations, so it is really up to you to choose the type and look you want in your installation.

How do I install a home theater wall plate?

Most home theater wall plates are designed to mount directly onto a standard low voltage mounting bracket. So if you are creating a new pathway in your wall and installing a new wall plate location, it is important to also buy the low voltage mounting bracket you need to successfully mount your wall plate to the wall. Low voltage mounting brackets are available in multiple sizes or gang quantities that will allow you to install single, double, triple, or quad gang wall plates. For best results when installing a single gang home theater wall plate we recommend using the Arlington Industries LV1 low voltage mounting bracket for existing construction installations.

What are the most popular home theater wall plates?

Most people installing home theater wall plates can usually get away with installing single gang wall plates. In most case the single gang wall plates will allow you to easily pass 6 to 8 cables in and out of the wall. So the single gang home theater wall plates are very popular. There is also a huge surge in popularity of people now wall mounting their flat screen TV’s. So another very popular home theater wall plate is a pass through plate with an integrated power outlet. The home theater wall plates with power are ideal for not only managing cables but also installing a power outlet behind your TV. Home theater wall plates with power are the cleanest and most professional way to install power behind your wall mount TV, while also hiding unwanted audio video cables and power cables.