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Video Intercom Systems

Why do you recommend the Comelit Video Intercom?

We have evaluated and tested numerous different video intercom system brands. The Comelit video intercom system has proven to be reliable, high quality, cost effective, and simple to install.

How do you use a video intercom to automatically open a door or gate?

The Comelit video intercom and other quality intercom systems have integrated relay outputs built into the outdoor doorbell camera stations. So you will have to use a simple 2 conductor cable to wire from the lock to the outdoor station. Once you have identified the visitor as someone you want to let in, you simply push a button which triggers the relay. This trigger will automatically open an electronic gate or door. If you do not have an electronic lock on your door then you will have to manually open it. If you want to install an electronic lock on your door or gate you can easily install one on your own or you can call a local locksmith.

How do I wire or install cables for a video intercom system?

Every video intercom system is different when it comes to wiring. We have chosen to support the Comelit video intercom system because it supports a complete 2-wire installation. So all you have to do is run a Cat5e cable or an 18-2 multi-conductor cable between your indoor stations and outdoor doorbell camera station. If you are installing just a single indoor station and outdoor station at your front door you can even use the existing wiring that is being used to support your current doorbell system.

Why do people think video intercom can be used for security?

Think about it! How many times have you been nervous about opening a door for a visitor at your home or business because you can’t see who is outside? Or are you every worried that your children will open a door on accident for the wrong person? Just because you may have a peep hole in your door it is still much better to be able to talk or communicate with a visitor before you unlock the door. Plus, many children are not tall enough to even utilize a peep hole. A video intercom system will allow your family members and employees to effectively screen visitors before they open the door. Since most criminals will knock on the front door of a house or business first to see if someone is inside, the video intercom becomes a very useful security device.

How can I use video intercom at my business?

Video intercom is a great solution for a business. If you are a small business without a receptionist you can use a video intercom system to help manage your entry ways. This includes opening doors for invited guests or screening solicitors. One great application for video intercom use in a business is to help assist with the front door after hours. If you have employees that often work late after hours they can use the video intercom system to view and communicate with visitors if someone happens to knock on the doors. At the end of the day, your employees could benefit from a video intercom system, and they will appreciate you for making the work place safer.

Can I communicate with other inside rooms with a video intercom system?

Yes. You can communicate between rooms and also with the outdoor stations. Wherever you have a station installed you can communicate with.

How is the video camera quality with the Comelit video intercom system?

Great! The camera that is built into the outdoor station is a high resolution color day night camera with a wide angled lens. The camera has a 1/3 inch CCD chipset, and includes built-in white infrared illuminators that will ensure the camera is capturing high quality video in even the lowest light environments.

What kind of monitors does the Comelit video intercom system use?

The HFX series is the most popular video intercom system from Comelit. All the indoor stations feature a 3.5 inch LCD color monitor. So you are viewing high quality video of your visitors that are outside.