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Keystone Blank Inserts

Use our blank keystone inserts to fill all the unused ports on your cabling keystone wall plates, faceplates, Decora inserts, surface mount boxes, and even blank patch panels! Blank keystone insert modules are very common in cabling applications where ports are left blank in areas after your network infrastructure is already in place. These blank inserts will cover those unused ports while leaving them readily available for future growth.

Use Keystone Blank Inserts for all your unused wall plate ports!

Often in both residential and commercial network installations ports are left unused in various locations. Although these unused ports have no cables running to them, they are there to support future network installation needs. Blank keystone inserts will allow you to fill those ports while giving your wall plates a clean professional finish. If in the future you need to use those blank ports, all you have to do is pop the blank modules out and insert the keystone connectors you need to support your new cable runs. Blank keystone inserts are simple to install and are ideal in adding the finishing trim to a cabling installation.

At Cabling Plus we offer blank keystone inserts in numerous colors and types. We offer the colors that will match your current wall plate installations. We even offer the cable FEEDTHROUGH inserts that allow you to pass in-wall cables right through the plate. This is a simple but cost effective way to organize your in-wall cables. Let Cabling Plus provide you with the parts you need for the most successful network installation!

What is a keystone blank insert?

A keystone blank insert is used to fill the un-used ports in standard keystone and decora style wall plates, faceplates, and inserts. Often in a cabling application all the available ports in a wall plate are not used. So instead of just leaving it blank you can snap in a blank insert. The keystone blank insert fills the open port leaving a more finished look. Plus you can remove the blank insert anytime needed if you decide in the future that you need to use the available port. Using keystone blank inserts is a good practice and makes your wall plates look much more professional and clean.

Will keystone blank inserts work with all wall plate brands?

Yes. Most reputable manufactures use the industry standard dimensions for their ports. So you should have no problem using our keystone blank inserts with all other brands. They are made to be inserted and removed as needed when you decide to put the open ports to use. They will work with all Classic, ID, Integrated, and Decora style wall plates, faceplates, and inserts. They will also work with surface mount boxes, bezels, furniture faceplates, and patch panels.

How would you rate the ICC brand keystone blank inserts?

The ICC Cabling Products modular keystone blank inserts are manufactured to the highest standards. When used with ICC wall plate and faceplate products they provide a clean professional finish. They are also made to match the colors perfectly which makes it difficult to even see that there is a blank insert present. All of ICC’s cabling products are manufactured with absolute quality in mind. You can never go wrong installing ICC cabling products at your home or business.

How is the ICC blank keystone inserts packaged?

The ICC blank keystone inserts come packaged 10 in a pack.

Do I need a special tool to install a blank keystone inserts?

There are no tools needed. They simply snap directly into the open ports on a plate. Once they are snapped in place they will provide a nice flush look. No tool is needed to install and remove them.