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HDMI Keystone Jacks

Are you looking for HDMI keystone jacks or connectors to best manage your HDMI connections? HDMI keystone jacks are used to create a permanent HDMI wall outlet in order to help manage, organize, dress, and protect in-wall HDMI cables. HDMI keystone jacks are very common in both residential and commercial audio video system installations. Choose the HDMI keystone jacks you need to give your HDMI cable installation the most professional and clean look!

Use HDMI keystone jacks to create HDMI wall outlets!

There is no doubt HDMI keystone jacks are getting more and more popular. Many installers and home owners just don't like the fact that their expensive in-wall HDMI cables are coming right out of the wall and directly into their components. Having HDMI cables coming directly out of a hole in the wall and plugging into you’re A/V components just leaves them wide open to possibly being damaged. Plus this installation method doesn’t allow you to easily dress and organize cables as they are routed to individual devices. An HDMI keystone jack allows you to use shorter less expensive HDMI cables from the wall to your devices which not only increases the life span of your HDMI cables, but also give you full control to manage them your way. If one of those long in-wall HDMI cables was to be damaged not only would it be expensive to replace it, but also it would take a lot of work to get it out of the wall and re-fish another cable back through the walls.

Another positive aspect of using HDMI keystone jacks is that they allow you to create a permanent outlet to support your HDMI cables. This means you have an outlet always in place so you can move, un-plug, and add HDMI connections. Having a permanent outlet will also give you more flexibility to manage your HDMI connections in a home theater or commercial A/V environment.

An HDMI keystone jack is a pass through connector that allows you to plug an HDMI cable in the back of it and then another HDMI cable in the front. There are no terminations, separate tools, or parts needed. An HDMI keystone jack is like an HDMI coupler that is designed to easily snap directly into an open port on any standard keystone wall plate. So the reality is you can have an HDMI keystone jack in place and usable in a matter of seconds.

At Cabling Plus we offer HDMI keystone jacks that are easy to install and designed to protect the integrity of your HDMI signals. We offer HDMI keystone jacks in various colors so you can match the color of your jack with the color of your current keystone wall plate. You have full control to configure your wall plates in any way that best supports your application. Once installed and in place you are ready to start using shorter less expensive HDMI cables to run between the jack in the wall plate, and your audio video components. You will find this installation method will give your audio video or home theater system installation the most professional look!