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F Connector Keystone Jacks

Frequently Asked Questions About F Connector Keystone Jacks - FAQ’s

What is the purpose of using an F Connector Keystone Jack?

The purpose of using F type keystone jacks is to create permanent outlets for your cable TV signals. The F keystone jack is basically an F post coupler integrated into a keystone jack style casing. The keystone casing allows you to snap the F connector jack directly into a standard wall plate, decora insert, surface mount box, or blank patch panel. The F connector keystone jack allows you to attach coaxial cable that has been terminated with an F connector on the front and back of the jack.

Why do I need an F Connector Keystone Jack in my installation?

In most home and business cable TV installations RG6 coaxial cable is ran from the main distribution point out to all the TV locations. Usually RG6 is run in the walls and ceilings to the final destination point where cable TV outlets are created. Once the RG6 is terminated with a standard F connector, you can screw the cable with an F connector onto the F connector jack that is installed into a wall plate. Now that the outlet is created you can come off the wall with a shorter cable from the F jack to the TV. This is how a permanent cable TV outlet is created. It is best practice to leave the longer cable runs in the wall where they are protected and can’t be pulled and damaged. Those long in-wall runs could be expensive cable to repair especially if all the walls are dry walled and closed. Using an F connector jack is best practice in both residential and commercial structured cabling applications.

Are F connector jacks only for RG6 coaxial cables?

Not all products are the same. But our F type keystone inserts are designed for use with both RG6 and RG59 coaxial cables. They come with rear and front threaded F posts to support RG6 and RG59 coaxial cables used in a variety of cable TV and video signal applications.

Which brand of F connector keystone jacks does Cabling Plus offer?

All of our F type keystone inserts are manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. They offer a complete line of F connector jacks in multiple colors with gold and nickel plated options. They also offer F jacks in both standard and 3 GHz types. The 3 GHz connectors are designed to support higher bandwidth in critical audio and video network environments.

Do I need a tool to install an F Connector Keystone Jack?

No tools are needed. But since an F insert has an F post on each side, you must terminate your coaxial cables with F connectors. Terminating your cables with an F connector will require basic hand tools like a good coaxial cable stripper and connector termination tool.