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HDMI Wall Plates

HDMI wall plates allow you to install long HDMI cables in the wall and connect them internally to an HDMI wall plate, while externally using shorter, cheaper, and easier to manage HDMI cables to attach to your audio video components from the wall. Using HDMI wall plates in an audio video installation gives you more flexibility while allowing you to create a permanent HDMI cable installation. Using HDMI wall plates is ideal for giving your HDMI cable installation a clean professional look! 

Use our HDMI Wall Plates to protect your in-wall HDMI cables!

HDMI wall plates are commonly used in professional home theater and commercial audio video installations. They are ideal for helping you organize and manage both HDMI and audio video cables that are installed in the wall. The most common application for the use of HDMI wall plates is when they are used to pass through HDMI cables from in the wall to outside the wall as they deliver a signal to your audio video equipment. Basically the HDMI wall plate has one or multiple built in female to female HDMI couplers integrated in the wall plate that allow the longer in-wall rated HDMI cables to be ran and attached directly into the wall plate. This allows you to use shorter easier to manage HDMI cables to be ran directly from the wall (externally) to the audio video components they are delivering signals to. Using HDMI wall plates give your HDMI cables a permanent in-wall installation while allowing you to use the smaller cables for everyday plug and play use. Using HDMI wall plates allow you to take the stress off of the longer more expensive in-wall HDMI cables and put it all on the shorter less expensive cables. Using HDMI wall plates will extend the life of your cables while giving your installation a clean professional look.

We offer numerous HDMI wall plate options to support any audio video installation type. We offer HDMI wall plates in single HDMI, dual HDMI, HDMI with RCA, HDMI with component video, HDMI with composite video, and HDMI with F connector configurations. Our HDMI wall plates give you the flexibility to integrate all our cables into a single wall plate while allowing you to easily manage and organize all your audio video cables. Choose the HDMI wall plate today that best supports you installation! At Cabling Plus we offer the HDMI wall plates that the professionals use!

What is the purpose of an HDMI wall plate?

There is no doubt that the popularity of HDMI wall plates have grown over the past few years. The main purpose of an HDMI wall plate is to support in-wall audio video cable installations. By using an HDMI wall plate you are creating permanent outlets for HDMI and other audio video connection types. The installation practice of running your audio video connections into a wall plate allows you to leave your longer more expensive in-wall cables in the wall where they are safe, while you use shorter less expensive cables to come off the wall to your audio video components. An HDMI wall plate will ensure your in-wall cables are protected while giving you permanent outlets to use for your everyday connectivity needs.

What options do I have when choosing an HDMI wall plate?

We offer numerous HDMI plates that offer integrated single and double HDMI ports, and single HDMI ports with integrated component, coax, and composite connections. We offer the HDMI wall plates that offer numerous connection configurations, so you have the flexibility to choose the wall plate that best supports your needs in a particular outlet location.

How do I attach cables to an HDMI wall plate?

Attaching your HDMI and audio video cables to an HDMI wall plate is a piece of cake! All the connections are plug & play so there are no tools needed. You just plug your in-wall cables directly into the back of the wall plate. Then you do the same in the front as you connect your cables to your audio video devices and components. All the connectors on our HDMI wall plates are just simple passive pass-through connectors. The HDMI wall plate’s main purpose is to help you organize all your connections in a single outlet, which will give your installation the most professional look. Do you really want a bunch of loose wires and cables coming out of your wall where they are seen by everyone? And do you really want your expensive cables exposed out of the wall where they can be damaged? An HDMI wall plate solves all these issues!

How do I mount an HDMI wall plate?

All of our HDMI wall plates are made to support single gang installations. So you can install an HDMI wall plate over a current outlet location, or you can create a brand new outlet. For existing outlets the holes on the HDMI wall plate will match the holes that are in place on the existing low voltage mounting bracket that is already in place. So mounting the HDMI wall plate will take just screwing down the two screws that come with the plate. If you are creating a brand new outlet location you will have to cut a new whole and insert an Arlington LV1 low voltage mounting bracket into the wall. This will give you the bracket you need to successfully attach your HDMI wall plate to the wall. Regardless of your installation type, installing an HDMI wall plate is very easy.

Will using an HDMI wall plate disrupt my audio video signals?

No. The connectors on an HDMI wall plate are designed to pass your HDMI and other audio video cable signals right through the plate without hindering the quality or performance of your cables.

What if I need a 2 gang HDMI wall plate to support more connections? 

If the single gang HDMI wall plate does not support the amount of connections you have in a particular area than your best option is to buy a standard double gang keystone wall plate and the audio video keystone inserts separately to build your own custom wall plate. There are numerous RCA, F, speaker, BNC, and HDMI keystone inserts available for you to snap into your own wall plate. So you can easily build your own wall plate that supports the connections you need at any outlet location.