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100054C - Platinum Tools EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools: 100054 EZ-RJPRO Crimp Tool

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The Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool is the #1 crimp tool on the market for installing rj45 modular connectors on the ends of network cables! Most professional isntallers have abandoned the old-school crimp connectors because they have found the EZ-RJPRO system to be faster, more accurate, and more efficiant.  Lets face it....  Time is money!  

The 100054C HD Crimp Tool allows you to profesionally terminate all the Platinum Tools standard EZ-RJ45 Cat5e/Cat6 and EZ-RJ12/11 connectors as well the Cat5e/Cat6 shileded connectors. 

The Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool includes two separate on-board cavities that support RJ11/12 and RJ45 crimp terminations. The 100054C also features a flat cable stripper, round cable stripper, and a sharp cable cutter to offer a complete crimping solution in one simple to use durable tool! The ergonomic design and ratchet mechanism of the 100054C allows you to give each termination a clean, ultra trim finish!  

Regardless if you are a professional installer or a do-it-yourselfer, the Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool is a must have tool to ensure fast, and easy quality connections!

Cabling Plus is an Authorized Distributor of all Platinum Tools professional grade tools, connectors, and installation accessories. Buy the Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool today for premium crimp terminations in voice and data applications!

  • Includes: (1) EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool
  • Terminates EZ-RJ45 Cat5e Connectors, EZ-RJ45 Shielded Cat5e
  • Connectors, EZ-RJ45 Cat 6 Connectors, EZ-RJ45 Shielded Cat 6 Connectors, and EZ-RJ12/11 Connectors
  • Compatible with all other RJ45, RJ12, and RJ11 modular plugs except AMP
  • Zero flex frame prevents torque loss during the crimping cycle
  • Tool steel die head assembly provides 360 degree of connector support during crimp
  • Clean, ultra flush trim on the EZ-RJ45 extended conductors
  • Expanded surface area on contact drivers delivers full, uniform crimp force
  • Built in wire cutter and strippers
  • Part#: 100054C

Can I use regular modular crimp connectors with the 100054C crimp tool?

Yes you can. But the whole point of buying the Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool is to take advantage of the time saving features of using the EZ connectors. But if you have standard non-EZ modular connectors in your tool bag and want to use them the tool will terminate them.

What are the part numbers for the EZ Cat5e and EZ Cat 6 connectors?

See the Part#100010B for Cat 6, and the Part#100003C for Cat5e terminations.

Does the Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool also trim the cables after crimping?

Yes. The tool will crimp, cut, and trim all access cables with one crimp. No other tool does it all faster or more efficiently.

Why is the Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool so popular?

When using the Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool and the EZ connectors you can easily cut the time in ½ that it takes to terminate network cables. It also ensures the cable conductors are accurately in the connector before you terminate. You can actually see them in place as you pull the cable conductors through the EZ connectors. This ensures high quality terminations each time. If you are in a position where terminating network cables is an everyday task, then this is a must have tool!

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