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Cat5e Cable - Bulk

Are you using the right Cat5e cable for your network installation? At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of professional grade Cat5e cable that will ensure your network performs to its fullest potential! We offer Category 5 cable in shielded, plenum, non-plenum, and outdoor rated options that will support a network installation in any environment. All of our Cat5e cable products are manufactured to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A-5 Category 5e requirements and are 100% guaranteed for high performance network applications.

Use the network cables that will make your network perform!

No network installation is complete without the use of high quality network cable! Cat5e is the most commonly used cable type installed in network cabling applications to support the installation of a network. Cat5e cable is installed to support the installation and connection of network devices in both residential and commercial applications. Cat5e cable is basically the pipe that is installed between network devices so they can transfer signals between themselves or directly to and from a network.

At the heart of any common network is a central location that houses numerous components that are used to deliver network services out to the devices they are supporting. These devices could include computers, routers, IP cameras, IP phones, or any other electronic devices that need a network connection to function. Cat5e cable is used for the pipe that allows these network signals to travel. Most commonly Cat5e cable is ran throughout the walls or ceilings of a home or business so they can be terminated for use when delivering all these network signals. In most installations Cat5e cable is terminated with a connector or into a keystone jack so it can be easily used to attach network devices to a network. Category 5 cable is relatively easy to work with, simple to run, and easy to terminate. 

At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of Cat5e cable in numerous different types to support any network application. We offer Cat5e cable in shielded, direct burial/outdoor, plenum, and non-plenum types. All of our Category 5 cable is 350 MHz tested and engineer to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-A-5 and ISO/IEC 11801 performance standards. All our Cat5e cables are UL listed, and CMR or CMP rated to ensure you have the cable that supports your local building codes. We always recommend you follow your local building codes and install the cable types that best support them. At Cabling Plus we offer the network cables the professionals use!

What is Cat5e cable used for?

It is the most popular cable used to carry communications and data signals. It is a raw cable sold in bulk form so it can be ran between network devices and components in a home and business. It is the most popular cable used in networking, computer, Ethernet, telephony, and video applications.

Does your Cat5e cable support the industry Cat5e network standards?

Our Cat5e cable exceeds all ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Standards and the American Nation Standards Institute. It is made with color-coded 24AWG solid copper pairs and is specified to support 350MHz high speed network applications. Our Cat5e cable guarantees performance and reliability in both residential and commercial network installations.

How do I connect Cat5e cable to my devices and outlets?

Bulk Cat5e cable is basically raw cable that comes without any connectors on the ends. This allows you to run the cable between the outlets and devices you need to deliver a signal. Most network devices and components have an RJ45 outlet on them to plug in a network cable. For this application you will need to terminate an RJ45 modular connector onto the end of the Cat5e cable. Once the modular connector is attached you can then simply plug the cable directly into the device. Some components like Cat5e keystone jacks, 66 blocks, and patch panels will require you to actually punch the cables down to create the connections. If this is the case you would need a standard punch down tool to punch down the individual pairs into their correct location to support connectivity.

What ratings does your Cat5e cable have?

All of our network cables are UL listed, and come with the required CMP and CMR ratings required for residential, riser, and plenum environment installations. If you are unsure about your local building codes and the cable you need in your installation, please feel free to give us a call. We have wire and cable experts on staff that will ensure you get the right cable for the job.

Do I need stranded or solid Cat5e cable?

Cat5e cable used to for wiring the network infrastructure of a home or business is always made with solid copper pairs. Most commonly stranded Cat5e cable is used when constructing patch cables because of the extra flexibility. Cat5e cable with solid copper pairs is much more durable which is vital when installing cable in the walls and ceilings of a home and business. The solid type will ensure you do not damage the cable or break a copper pair which would cause the cable to essentially fail. Solid Cat5e cable also allows you send a network signal over a longer distance.

How long of a distance can I run a Cat5e cable?

Cat5e cable can support standard signal distances up to 328 feet. So you should have no problem wiring most homes and businesses. If you have runs that are longer you will need to use repeaters or switches that will inject the cable run with more power to deliver the signals longer distances. Most network switches have a built in feature that will provide extra power that may be required.

Can I install Cat5e cable outdoors?

You can. But it is important to use a Cat5e cable that has an outdoor or direct burial rating. We offer outdoor Cat5e Cable in 2 types: Gel-Filled and Water Block Tape. Both of these cables have material inside the jacket that will absorb any moisture that may enter the jacket. The outdoor rated Cat5e will also have an extra durable jacket that will not only protect the cable from the sunlight, but also from being punctured by any external elements. The outdoor Cat5e cable will allow you to lay the cable exposed to the elements or bury it in the ground.

What is the bend radius for Cat5e cable?

Cat5e cable is very flexible and easy to pull. The bend radius rule is that you never want to bend it more than 4 times the diameter of the cable itself. It is rare that you have an application where you have to actually bend the cable in a way that it can be damaged. In general Category 5 cable is designed to withstand the punishment often administered when pulling and bending it as it ran through conduit, walls, ceilings, furniture, and raceway.

How do I prepare a Cate cable to be terminated?

A basic Cat5e cable stripper will allow you to strip the cable jacket back to give you the needed room to separate the pairs prior to punching them down or installing a connector. The twist is an important parts of the cables performance so it is vital to terminate the cable as close to the twist as possible. Most punch down components and connectors will document the color codes that need to be followed for a proper termination. To install and terminate Cat5e cable you only need basic tools that are affordable and easy to use. The Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO Crimp Tool is your best option for terminating connectors on the ends of voice and data network cables.