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Outdoor Speakers

Use our outdoor speakers for installations in any outdoor environment so you can enjoy precision sound in your patio, backyard, or out by the pool! We offer multiple outdoor speaker options that are designed to deliver high quality sound while offering the protection you need for a long lasting durable speaker product.

Install our professional grade outdoor speakers at your home!

Our outdoor speakers offer 100% weatherproof protection against the most extreme environmental conditions. All of our outdoor speakers offer a sleek design and include all the mounting brackets and hardware you need for a clean professional installation. Add our outdoor speakers to your current surround sound system or home theater system and easily manage their volume levels with one of our volume controls. Our outdoor speakers are easy to mount and install, so you can be enjoying your new outdoor audio system in a matter of minutes!

Attaching speaker wire to our outdoor speakers is easy with the onboard color coded binding posts. Our outdoor speakers offer high quality tweeters and woofers to ensure professional year around sound quality! Choose Cabling Plus for your #1 source for professional grade outdoor speakers!

Are outdoor speakers 100% weatherproof?

Not all outdoor speakers are manufactured the same. The term “weatherproof” is a very loose term that is important for you to define prior to buying outdoor speakers. Our outdoor speakers are rated to combat even the toughest environmental conditions, but they are not meant to be installed in areas where they are constantly hit with direct water. If you need a speaker that can handle direct water then you will to look at water-proof speakers.

What is included with your outdoor speakers?

Our outdoor speakers are sold in pairs, so in the box you will get a pair of speakers, mounting brackets, mounting screws, and an instruction manual.

How do I wire outdoor speakers?

Most outdoor speakers support a simple two conductor speaker wire installation. On the back end of each speaker there will be color coded binding posts available so you can easily screw the each speaker wire conductor to the speaker. Depending on you’re the distance between your outdoor speakers and your simplifier you can use 12, 14, or 16 gauge speaker wire to install our speakers.

Should I use a volume control to manage my outdoor speakers?

The most common set up for outdoor speakers is to run your 2 conductor speaker wire from your speaker to a volume control. From the volume control you can then use a 4 conductor speaker wire to support the home run back to your amplifier. Using a volume control to manage your outdoor speakers is for sure a best practice. The volume control will give you full control to manage the volume levels of your outdoor speakers independently from the rest of your surround sound or home theater system. Having a volume control in place will come in handy as you manage your sound system in various locations.

Should I use outdoor rated speaker wire to install my outdoor speakers?

You should. Most high quality speaker wire comes standard with an outdoor rated and UV rated jacket already in place. This makes it easy to run the same speaker wire product in both indoor and outdoor audio installations. At Cabling Plus all of our speaker wire products will support both indoor and outdoor applications. Plus our speaker wire comes with a UV rated jacket to ensure total protection from the sunlight.

How long does it take to install outdoor speakers?

The actually mounting of them and attaching the speaker wire to them can be done in a matter of minutes. The most labor intensive part of installing outdoor speakers is running the speaker wire from your amplifier to the actual speaker location. Running speaker wire is very easy to do but may be the biggest part of the process. If the speaker wire is already in place you should be enjoying your outdoor sound very quickly.