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CCTV Monitors

Use a professional grade CCTV monitor or surveillance monitor to view your surveillance video at your home or business! We offer a huge selection of CCTV monitors in various sizes and types that will support any budget. All of our CCTV monitor options are manufactured by the best names in the security industry, while offering the strongest warranties available. Let Cabling Plus provide you with the CCTV monitor or surveillance monitor you need to successfully view your high resolution surveillance video.

CCTV Monitors and Surveillance Monitors for 24/7 surveillance applications!

A CCTV monitor is basically a high resolution monitor that allows you to easily view the video that captured, re-played, and monitored through your surveillance camera system. A CCTV monitor or surveillance monitor is not at all like a “regular” computer monitor because it is made to support the high resolution video captured from security cameras. A CCTV monitor is also engineered to be turned on and functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. A standard computer monitor just does not offer the resolution you need to view high resolution video, nor is it made for the heavy usage that is demanded in surveillance applications. Most quality CCTV monitors are also designed to accept surveillance video signals via VGA, Composite, RCA, or BNC connections, where a standard computer monitor is not. A standard computer monitor just does not offer the features, connections, or the durability that is demanded from a high-end surveillance system.

In the surveillance world there are numerous monitors available to support various applications. A CCTV monitor is designed with the resolution needed to support standard CCTV quality analog cameras. With the introduction of IP based megapixel cameras to the surveillance market, there has been a huge need to manufacture monitors that match the high resolution quality that a multi-megapixel camera delivers. What would be the point of having megapixel security cameras if you could not view the video at the resolution the cameras are capturing it? So when choosing a CCTV or surveillance monitor it is important to get one that best fits your application.

A CCTV monitor easily attaches directly to your security digital video recorder (DVR) through composite, RCA, VGA, or BNC connector types. Most quality security DVR’s offer multiple outputs that give you the flexibility to use various connections types. The most common application is to connect your DVR to your monitor using a VGA cable. If you buy a DVR that only offers BNC type outputs for your monitor connection, you will have to use a BNC to VGA converter for them to work together. So it is important to evaluate your DVR and choose the monitor type that can connect to it. 

At Cabling Plus we offer the CCTV and surveillance monitors that will support every budget, project size, and surveillance application type. All of our CCTV and surveillance monitor product offerings are manufactured by some of the top manufactures in the surveillance industry. When it comes to surveillance and CCTV monitors we only offer the professional grade monitors that come with the best warranties in the business!

Frequently Asked Questions About CCTV Monitors - FAQ’s

What is the difference between a CCTV monitor and a computer monitor?

There two major differences between the two. A CCTV monitor is designed to be in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A computer monitor would simply burn out very quickly if it was subjected to that much use. Also, a CCTV monitor is much higher resolution than a computer monitor, which allows you to enjoy the high resolution video that your security cameras are capturing. What good is the high resolution video coming from your cameras if you are not able to view it at the same quality?

What connection types are offered with a CCTV monitor?

Although many CCTV monitors may have different video output options the most popular are VGA, BNC, composite, and S-video. Of these most people use a VGA cable to attach a CCTV monitor to a security DVR. This is assuming the DVR you are using offers a VGA connection, which many cheaper no-name DVR’s do not. So it is always best to evaluate the surveillance products you are buying and choose the ones that are compatible.

What are important things to look for in a CCTV monitor?

Warranty! Many of the less expensive CCTV monitors only come with a one year warranty. This should be looked at by you as a huge red flag, unless you want to buy a new monitor every year. Choose the monitor that has the best warranty possible. Secondly, choose the CCTV monitor that will not only support the resolution of your security cameras, but also offers the connections you need to easily attach it to your CCTV DVR.

Does the CCTV monitor have to be next to the DVR?

No. You can really put it anywhere. If you hard wire it to your DVR then it will have to be as close to the DVR as needed for your cables to reach it. But there are many VGA cables that can be run up to a 100 ft, so you have some flexibility. But the truth is not all CCTV monitors need to be hard wired to the security DVR. You can always access the DVR through the remote software at any location as long as the DVR is on a network. Then use the CCTV monitors anywhere you want as long as they too are attached to a computer that has internet capabilities. This is very common in businesses where the DVR is in one room, but the guards at the front door have a monitor that they can watch when monitoring the video provided by the surveillance system.

What CCTV monitor brands do you offer?

We offer a numerous CCTV monitors that are manufactured by some of the best names in the surveillance industry. We have focused our efforts on providing our customers with the CCTV monitors that offer the best warranties at the best price. We guarantee to have the CCTV monitor that will support your application, and fit your budget!