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The ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets Solve Many Cabling Problems!

Posted in In The News | October 23 2015

The ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets Solve Many Cabling Problems!

What is there not to like about the ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets? They are easy to ship, easy to install, add flexibility, and offer the depth you need to mount a wide variety of active and passive network devices. Wall mount brackets are the perfect options for installations where space is limited; you only need a few rack-mount spaces, and where a full blown stand-alone rack is just not needed. Plus let’s face it! The ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets are just priced great! 

The ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets are offered is a 6 inch and 15 inch depth to support a wide size range of equipment. You can support everything from a basic switch or router, to a rack shelf or larger electronic equipment like a security DVR. With a 30 pound load capacity you have complete flexibility in an installation. The EZ-FOLD brackets will fold into a small form making the shipping costs low which puts money in your pocket! 

The ICC EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Brackets is an alternative to the bigger and more expensive wall mount racks. It provides similar functionalities – to mount panels and equipment in a confined space – with less cost. The traditional wall mount bracket is too bulky to store and it is costly to ship because of the size of its fixed arms. Some manufacturers attempted to reduce the space by folding two arms with hinges only to create another deficiency – weak arms. Two arms are needed to have enough strength to support heavy panels, cables and expensive equipment and hinging the arms makes it dangerous to bear extra weight. By hinging two arms, it also sways the entire bracket and makes it unstable.

The EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Bracket is designed differently. It can be folded to only 2.5 inches in height and installers can easily stack them in the truck or store them in small spaces. When it is unfolded, the arms will extend to 15 inches to accommodate most of the equipment, panels, and plenty of cable storage space. The EZ-FOLD has two hinges for folding purposes.
Once it is unfolded and securely mounted, the two hinges do not bear weight anymore. Both arms are supported by stud or backboard mounting screws. The weight limit is also strengthened by the double-row screw mounting.

Additional features:

• Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 rack unit sizes

• Divided hinge allows easy access every 2 RU
• Heavy duty 16 gauge steel
• Bridge lances everywhere for cable ties
• Optional cover for top and bottom

Order Part Numbers:

ICCMSABRS2 15” Depth
ICCMSABRS4 15” Depth
ICCMSABRS6 15” Depth
ICCMSABRS8 15” Depth

ICCMSABR62 6” Depth
ICCMSABR64 6” Depth
ICCMSABR66 6” Depth
ICCMSABR68 6” Depth