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Cat5e Patch Cables

Our professional grade Cat5e patch cables are 100% tested and guaranteed to support high speed network applications. We only offer premium name brand Cat5e patch cables that are engineered to ensure your network devices and components perform at their high levels. We offer a huge selection of high performance Cat5e patch cables in numerous colors and lengths to support your custom network installation. We provide the Cat5e patch cables that are trusted by IT professionals and network installers all over the US! 

Use the Cat5e Patch Cables that will make your network perform!

Quality patch cables or patch cords are vital to the performance of any commercial or residential network installation. Cat5e patch cables or patch cords are basically pre-made network cables that support plug and play connectivity installations. They are constructed with Cat5e network cable and have modular connectors already terminated on the ends so you can easily plug both ends into any network devices or components. Cat5e patch cables are designed to support an all Cat5e network and are used to connect numerous network device and components together. These devices and components could include network routers, switches, IP cameras, network servers, patch panels, computers, telephones, or any other electronic devices that call for a network connection. 

The key benefit of Cat5e patch cables is that they are already pre-terminated so all you have to do is plug them in. They come in numerous different sizes and colors so you can design your network any way you want. Since patch cable are pre-terminated for you there is no need to buy any tools or connectors. Simply figure out the lengths you need and buy them ready for a plug and play installation right out of the box. 

At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of professional grade Cat5e patch cables designed to support high speed network applications. All of our Cat5e patch cables are manufactured to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B.2 Category 5e connecting hardware requirements and are 100% tested, and guaranteed! All of our patch cables feature integrated molded boot strain reliefs that will protect your connections while ensuring a long lasting high quality connection. We take pride in providing all the Cat5e patch cables you need for a complete Cat5e network installation. IT managers, professional installers, and business owners all over the US put their trust in patch cables from Cabling Plus!

Who manufactures your Cat5e patch cables? 

All of our Cat5e patch cables are manufactured by ICC Cabling Products. ICC is a world leading manufacturer of high quality cabling products. We do not offer any no-name import patch cables. All ICC patch cables are tested and designed to exceed exceeds ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B.2 connecting hardware requirements. Plus they are UL listed which ensures they have pasted rigorous safety standards.

Do your Cat5e patch cables come standard with strain relief boots?

Yes. They include the new ultra slim line low profile boots that offer the same protection of a standard strain relief boot, while being designed to take up less space. These slim line boots are ideal for high density environments because they simply do not take up a lot of space. The extra space becomes valuable in patch panel applications where numerous cables are present in one location.

What kind of Cat5e cable is used to make your Cat5e patch cables?

All ICC Cat5e patch cables are constructed with 4 pair 24 AWG stranded bare copper Cat5e cables. They only use high quality PVC jackets, and they do not use any substandard tinned copper materials in their cables.

Can I use Cat5e patch cables in a Cat 6 network?

You can. But if you already have an all Cat 6 network installed you would only be hindering the speed of your network. Remember! Your network is only as fast as its weakest link. This also goes both ways. If you have an all Cat5e network and decide to add Cat 6 patch cables this will have no affect on the speed of your network.

How do I know what a good quality Cat5e cable really is?

You don’t. Unless you have the network test equipment to really test the signals of a cable you really will not know if the cable is helping or hurting your network. This is why it is smart to put your trust in name brand patch cables that are guaranteed to be tested, and constructed in compliance with the most up to date telecommunications standards.

Is there a special modular connector on Cat5e patch cables?

No. They just use standard Cat5e modular connectors which follow an industry standard. You will be able to plug your Cat5e patch cable into any standard RJ45 outlet that is commonly seen on wall plates, patch panels, and network devices. A patch cable creates the pipe that allows you to deliver network signals from device to device, or from a network to a device.