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Hot Tips for Choosing the Best Security DVR!

Posted in Installation Tips, Tech and Gadgets, Surveillance Systems | March 14 2012

The CCTV DVR is really the heart of any surveillance system. This is where all your cameras and the video they are capturing streams to so it can be viewed, recorded, saved, and downloaded. A security DVR may be the most important component of your surveillance system, so it is important to pick the product that best supports your needs!  So it is important to have the best security DVR to support your application!  

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Choosing your the best security DVR can be a challenge. The surveillance market is flooded with both name brand and no-name products that promise quality and feature rich applications. The key to choosing the right security DVR is to weed through the marketing and focus on the things that are real!

5 Easy Tips for Choosing the Best Security DVR!

1. Buy the product with the best warranty! A security DVR is essentially an electronic device which means they do go bad. If you are making the investment in a complete CCTV system you need to protect your investment and buy the products that have the best warranties. If a manufacturer is offering only a one year warranty you need to assume it will last a year and a few days. There is a reason they are not standing buy their product! I do know that there are many manufactures out there offering 3 to 5 year warranties on all their equipment. The Digital Watchdog security DVR line gives you a full 5 year warranty. How is that for protecting your investment? Sure the products are going to be a little more expensive, but do you really want to buy a new system every year?

2. Stay away from the Costco’s, Fry’s Electronics, or any other big box store when buying CCTV equipment. Trust me I have been there and seen complete systems for very low prices, and yes it is tempting. But there is nothing professional grade about those products, and I have never met anyone that was excited about the quality of the video their cameras captured. Pay a few extra bucks and buy a professional grade CCTV system. Don’t take the chance of investing in something you will regret! Most importantly, stay away from kits. All CCTV kits are very limited and the truth is many of them will not work in many applications.

3. Take a close look at the features! One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying a security DVR is they buy cheap which makes them really lose out on some of the great features that many DVR’s have to offer. They also lose out on some of the features that every DVR should really have. One common pitfall that some CCTV DVR manufacturers catch people in is they manufacture a real cheap DVR that does not offer a VGA connection for a monitor. Instead it is only a BNC connector type connection. Well how many people do you know that have a BNC monitor lying around at home? So now you are forced to go out and buy a $100 adapter just so you can use the $300 DVR! So look at the features and connection types and make sure you have the equipment that will all work together!

4. Everyone wants remote viewing and mobile phone apps! Make sure the DVR you are choosing offer network capability so you can view your cameras from any computer in the world. This will come in handy if you want to view your cameras from work or while on vacation. This is a pretty standard option that every good quality DVR should have. To take this to the next level most DVR’s are now offering free mobile phone applications. If you are someone that has a iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone this may be a great feature for you. Nothing like total convenience if you ever want to check out your home while you are on the go!

5. Look at the accessories! Most quality security DVR’s will come with all the accessories you need for a successful installation. This includes power cord, software, remote, mouse, and any other vital accessories. The last thing you want to do is start to install your system and learn you have to run around town looking for compatible parts. Again, take a close look at the specifications of the DVR and make sure it comes with everything you need!

There are many mistakes that can be made when buying a new security DVR for your home surveillance system. The key is to do your research and homework to find the product that is proven to be successful. There are many reviews out there on blogs and in forums where you can seek valuable information. If you know the basics the odds are good you will make a good decision.