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J Hooks

J hooks are used every day to provide cable management in advanced cabling applications. J hooks are used to manage, organize, and route various audio, video, and network cables. Regardless of if you are installing wires or cables at your home or business, the use of J hooks will provide you with the cable management you need to give your installation an organized and professional look! 

Use our J Hooks to manage all your wires and cables!

In a low voltage cable installation it is best practice to use some type of J hooks when installing large bundles of cables. J hooks allow you to safely manage, organize, and protect your cables during and after an installation. Also, if your cables are well managed it is much easier to maintain or repair them in the future. Using J hooks will also simplify an installation while decreasing the installation time in a project. If you are a contractor or professional installer, less time on a project or during maintenance means more profit, and more money in your pocket! 

We offer J hooks that support various installation methods. They also both come in different sizes and types to support different applications.  J hooks come in various sizes, but there numerous different J hooks available to support various installation and mounting types. J hooks are available that allow you to easily mount them to wood beams, ceiling rods, drop down ceiling wires, walls, and poles. All of our J hooks are manufactured with smooth surfaces that provide a friction free installation, which will help protect all your cables from being damaged during an installation. Regardless of the type of J hooks you use the purpose of them remains the same. They are in place to promote cable management. 


How do I know which J-Hook is best for my installation?

First you need to identify the surface and type of mounting options you have in your installation. There are various Caddy J-Hook options available to support numerous surface and mounting types. Then you need to identify how many cables your J-Hooks will have to support. You will notice that each J-Hook comes in a particular size so you need to choose the option that best supports the quantity of cables you are running. The Caddy Cat32 J-Hook is the largest option and it is designed to support up to 80 cat5e cables. Regardless of your project size there is a Caddy J-Hook that can support your application.

How does the 4Z34 clip work on the Caddy J-Hooks?

The 4Z34 clip is designed to allow you to attach your J-Hook to any threaded rods or hanger wires. These are very common in aerial cable installations. By aerial we mean installations where cables are installed between the main ceiling and a drop down ceiling of a building. This application is very common in commercial cabling installations where cables are hung from the ceiling as they are routed into multiple areas.