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Cable Ties & Velcro Straps

Cable ties and Velcro straps & wraps are used to add the finishing touch to any low voltage cable installations. Both cable ties and Velcro straps will allow you to dress your cables so you can best manage and organize them in an installation. We offer numerous high quality cable tie and Velcro wrap products that will guarantee your cables are secure, and your installation has a clean professional look. All of our cable tie and Velcro cable wrap products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long lasting use.

Use our Cable Ties & Velcro Straps to manage all your low voltage cables! 

No low voltage installation is complete without the use of some type of cable ties and Velcro wraps. By cleanly organizing your cables you will have a much easier time identifying your cables during any type of cable maintenance, cable changes, or if you have to move or add cables. Dressing your cables in the most organized way with cable ties and Velcro straps makes all your work so much easier during and after an installation. The use of both cable ties and Velcro straps is most common in network cabling, home theater, structured cabling, security, surveillance, and audio video system installations.

Let Cabling Plus assist you in ensuring your low voltage installations are the most professional and organized. We have the cable tie and Velcro wrap products that are tested in the field, and trusted by professional installers all over the US!

What is best for dressing cables: Velcro or Zip Ties?

There is no doubt that using Velcro to dress and wrap cables will take your installation to a whole new level. Velcro allows you to neatly dress small to large size cable bundles as you route and manage them. Although zip ties or cable ties are much less expensive, we would always recommend using Velcro to wrap cables that are exposed or visible to the public. At the end of the day Velcro will just give you the most flexibility and the most professional look!

What is the best application for using zip ties?

Using zip ties is very common in security, surveillance, access control, home theater, and network cabling applications. They are great for fastening cable bundles together as they are routed through the walls and ceilings. They are also ideal for managing cable bundles as they are pulled through j-hooks, d-rings, and other cable management peripherals. Once the cables are brought out of the walls or ceilings, most professional installers then switch to some type of Velcro wrap product. Zip ties are cheap, inexpensive, and easy to install. They are perfect for both residential and commercial cabling applications.

When should I use Velcro to wrap my cable bundles?

Whenever cables are exposed it is best to use Velcro wraps. Most commonly, Velcro is used to manage cable bundles as they are routed throughout some type of equipment rack, wall mount bracket, or network cabinet. This is the area where your work is on display for everyone to see. Besides making your work look great, Velcro also makes it much easier for you to move cables, change cables, or install new cables. Since Velcro is reusable, it makes it very easy for you to undo the Velcro to fix lines, move cables, or make changes to a network.

Which Velcro product do you recommend for network cabling applications?

The best way to buy Velcro is on a bulk roll. We offer 75ft rolls of Velcro in numerous different colors and sizes. Buying a bulk roll of Velcro allows you to cut custom lengths, which means less waste and more control. You only need to cut the Velcro pieces to the size of cable bundles you are working with. Many people buy premade pre-cut Velcro straps which in most cases end up wasting most of the Velcro. Buying a bulk roll of Velcro allows you to use scissors and just cut the lengths you need.

How would I use Velcro in a home theater installation?

Most professional home theater installers rely on Velcro to give their installations the cleanest look. They use it to manage bundles of cables as they dress them on an equipment rack or cabinet. They also use Velcro to organize cables as they come from the wall and attach to various audio video devices and components. No homeowners wants messy and clutters cables making a mess behind their TV. Velcro is perfect or organizing and managing speaker wires, data cables, HDMI cables, RCA cables, and any other home theater interconnects.

How would I use zip ties in a surveillance installation?

Most CCTV system installers use zip ties to attach the security camera cables to the cable management products that are part of a installation. If the installer was to use D rings to route cables, then it would make sense to secure the cables properly to the D rings. As the cables run through the D ring you can add a zip tie to ensure each cable run is properly fastened and in place. Most surveillance and security system installers rely on zip ties as a cost effective way to properly manage wire and cable in an installation.