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Cat 6 Keystone Jacks

At Cabling Plus we offer all the Cat 6 keystone jacks and connectors you need for a successful all Cat 6 network installation. These are not the those no-name no-brand Cat 6 jacks you see all over the internet. We only offer professional grade jacks that are easy to terminate and guaranteed to make your network perform. Use the Cat 6 jacks that are trusted by IT professionals and network installers all over the US! 

We have the Cat 6 Keystone Jacks needed for high performance network!

The use of Cat 6 cable is getting more and more common in both residential and commercial network cabling installations. Many people are turning to Cat 6 cable to get faster speeds and higher bandwidth out of their networks. Once you start implementing Cat 6 cable then you will have to also match the hardware with the cable in order to get the network performance you are striving for in a total Cat 6 network. This means all your connectors, keystone jacks, patch panels, patch cables, and termination blocks will need to be rated to Cat 6 standards. If all your network hardware is not Cat 6 verified then you will not get the Cat 6 characteristic you are striving for. A Cat 6 keystone jack or connector is basically the outlet that is created so you can easily plug in your network devices to the network. After running your Cat 6 cables they are eventually terminated into Cat 6 keystone jacks that are inserted into wall plates that are mounted on the wall. Now you have a Cat 6 outlet! Most quality Cat 6 keystone jacks offer color coded 110 termination type blocks on the rear end of them so you can easily punch down the Cat 6 cable pairs. The rear end or the termination side of the Cat 6 jack will be the part of the jack that will be unseen and in the wall after snapped into a wall plate. The front end will have a female outlet ready for you to plug in your network devices. This is how you create a network outlet using Catagory 6 keystone jacks! 

You may notice that we offer Cat 6 jacks in both EZ and high density styles. The EZ style jacks are for everyday use and will fit into any common keystone wall plate. They are the most commonly used Cat 6 connector type. If you are using decorative wall plates or putting more than six connectors on the same one gang wall plate you will want to use the high density or HD style jacks. The high density style offers a straight rear end that gives you more room to work on a crowded plate. Like the Cat 6 EZ jack, the high density style will also ft in any common keystone wall plate or faceplate. 

At Cabling Plus we only offer high performance name brand Cat 6 connectors and keystone jacks to support the most critical network applications. Don’t allow your network to under-perform because you used poor quality inferior Cat 6 hardware. All of our Cat 6 keystone jacks exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Category 6 connecting hardware requirements and are designed for high performance Cat 6 applications. We offer complete end to end solutions so you can rest assure your network will perform. If you need assistance in choosing the Cat 6 keystone jacks that best support your network cabling installation call us now! We have experts on staff that will ensure your new Cat 6 installation is a complete success!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat 6 Keystone Jacks - FAQ’s

What is the difference between a Cat5e and Cat 6 jacks?

They are really two different parts designed to support two different cable types and applications. A Catagory 6 jack is designed to support ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Category 6 connecting hardware requirements. These requirements are in place to support an all Cat 6 network application. Cat 6 jacks are also made to support the gauge size wire that is used in a Cat 6 cable, which is a thicker gauge than a Cat5e cable. It is important to always use the right network hardware to support the type of network cable you are installing.

Why do you just offer the ICC Cabing Products Cat 6 keystone jacks?

After much research we determined that the ICC connectors and jacks offer the best quality, performance, and durability, at the best price. They are also very easy to terminate and give your network outlets a very clean look. Plus ICC has been around a long time and has established themselves as one of the top manufactures in the world for high performance network hardware and cabling products.

What is the difference between the HD and Easy style Cat 6 jacks?

The only difference is the rear design. The HD (High Density) Cat 6 jacks are best for applications where numerous jacks are used in a particular area. So if you are using Decora style faceplates and installing six jacks on the same insert, the HD version gives you more room to work. This is also the case if you are filling a blank patch panel up with jacks. The more narrow rear-end of the HD jack saves room and make it easier on you to perform your terminations.

If I use Cat 6 jacks with Cat5e cable will they help my network speeds?

No. This will not do anything to increase your network performance. If you want the bandwidth and speed that is associated with a Cat 6 network you need to ensure every component and device on your network is Cat 6 rated. This includes all your cables, jacks, patch panels, and any other network components. You have heard this before but we will say it again. Your network is only as fast as its weakest link!

What do I need to terminate a Cat 6 jack?

You will need a punch down tool with a 110 blade and Cat 6 cable stripper. All of the ICC Cat 6 jacks have clear color code documentation right on them to ensure you accurately organized the cable pairs in the jack prior to terminating. If you are a professional installer or someone that is often punching down jacks you may want to take a look at the ICC JACKEASY Handheld Termination Tool. The JACKEASY allows you to punch down all your cable pairs and trim the access cable in one squeeze of a handle. This will save you time and money on the job site!

Will the ICC Cat 6 jacks fit in all standard keystone wall plates?

They should. But there are some real cheap no named brand wall plates on the market that do not always fit with every jack brand. In general, the size of the port on the majority of keystone wall plates is pretty universal, so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you are starting a completely new network installation it is recommended to buy the same brand jacks and wall plates. This will ensure your installation is the most successful!