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Cat5e Keystone Jacks

Cat5e keystone jacks are a vital component to every network installation. We offer a huge selection of high performance Cat5e keystone jacks that will support any residential or commercial network application. We only offer name brand, professional grade Cat5e jacks that are easy to terminate and guaranteed to make your network perform. Put your trust in Cat5e keystone jacks offered by Cabling Plus! 

We offer the Cat5e Keystone Jacks that support high performance networks!

Cat5e keystone jacks are used every day to create the network outlets needed for plugging in network devices like telephones, computers, network switches, network routers, or any other equipment that is put on a network. If you have a computer in your home or business the odds are pretty good that the data cable from your computer is plugged directly into a Cat5e keystone jack that is inserted into some type of wall plate. A Cat5e keystone jack offers a female outlet on the front-end, while on back-side features IDC punch down terminals that are used to attach the raw Cat5e cable to it. The Cat5e cable is the pipe that is used to deliver data back and forth on a network. This is how you create a live network outlet.

The Cat5e keystone jack has a color coded IDC termination block mounted on the rear end of it that is used to punch down the pairs of the Cat5e cable. By punching down the pairs you are connecting the cable to the jack in preparation for it to eventually carry a voice or data signal. The termination end is rarely seen because that is the part of the jack that is in the wall and hidden. The front end of the Cat5 keystone jack has the female receptacle that allows you to simply plug in a patch cable or another Cat5e cable that has a male RJ45 connector terminated on it. This is how you attach your devices to the network. Cat5 keystone jacks are very simple to terminate but you need to follow the designated color codes that are usually documented right on the back of the jack. You also need a punch down termination tool and Cat5e cable stripper to do the job from start to finish. The Cat5e cable stripper is used to strip the jacket off the pairs prior to terminating, while the punch down termination tool will punch each cable pair into the connector to create a strong long lasting termination. 

We offer a complete line of high performance Cat5e keystone jacks to support any network cabling installation. All of our jacks are manufactured to provide excellent performance for voice and data networks requiring maximum speed and bandwidth. These are not the cheap no-name no-brand jacks that you see all over the internet. All of our jacks are professional grade and guaranteed to exceed Category 5e industry performance requirements. The bottom line is that cheap Cat5e jacks and connectors could cause your network to under-perform, and you may not ever know it. Don’t think just because your network is working that it is performing to it maximum potential! Always use quality name brandjacks that are manufactured by reputable companies that you can trust. At Cabling Plus we only offer the keystone jacks that trusted and tested in the field by the professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat5e Keystone Jacks - FAQ’s

What is the purpose of the High Density Cat5e Jacks?

ICC has designed the High Density style Cat5e jacks to support installations where room is limited. The HD style jacks are often used on blank patch panels or when using decora style wall plate inserts. Often when using 4 and 6 port decora inserts the standard EZ Cat5e jacks will not fit in the plate because it is so crowded in back. As you can see, the high density style jacks have a narrower and skinnier back end that creates the extra room that is needed for multiple jacks to fit on a crowded insert.

Do the High Density and EZ Cat5e jacks work and terminate the same?

Yes. The color codes and the performance are the same. The only difference is the dimensions of the jack.

What kind up punch down tool do I need to terminate Cat5e jacks?

Most quality jacks offer a color codes 110 IDC punch down block on the rear so you can easily punch down the individual pairs of your Cat5e cable. All of our jacks offer a color coded TIA-568A/B wiring diagram right next to the termination ports on the jack. So the color codes are labeled to help ensure each termination is done with the right color coded cable pair. To punch the Cat5e conductors down on the jack you will need a standard punch down tool with a 110 blade.

Will the ICC Cat5e jacks fit in all faceplates and wall plates?

They should. Most quality keystone wall plates and decora inserts use an industry standard port size. So you should have no problem mixing and matching brands. If you are doing a new installation we highly recommend you using the same brand cabling products for your entire network infrastructure. This will ensure there are no compatibility issues.

Can I use Cat5e jacks for both voice and data signals?

It is very common for installers and network professionals to use Cat5e jacks for both voice and data needs. Most commercial installers use the standard white cat5e jacks for voice, and the standard blue Cat5e jacks for data. It is very important to evaluate the connector types you need for your telephones. Most telephone cable use RJ11 connectors to connect to the wall. So in this case you would want to use the ICC RJ11 keystone jacks to support your voice connectivity.

How do I install a Cat5e jack on a metal or concrete wall?

If you are trying to install a network outlet on a wall where it is not possible to cut a hole to install a standard wall plate, you can always use a surface mount box. Surface mount boxes allow you to either screw the box down or just use the included double stick tape to create an outlet anywhere. Surface mount boxes are available in numerous port quantities and colors to support any network cabling installation type. The Cat5e jack will easily snap directly into the surface mouth box so you can create the outlets you need for your network connectivity.

How do you compare the ICC Cat5e Jack to a Leviton Cat5e Jack?

When you put their specifications side by side they are both pretty much identical products. Where ICC stands out is in price! Compare the quality and price of the ICC Cabling Products to the Leviton products and ICC is hands down the best buy!