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RJ11 Keystone Jacks

RJ11 keystone jacks are designed to support phone or voice network installations in both residential and commercial network installations. Use RJ11 keystone jacks to create the wall outlet connections you need to support your phone system voice lines or telephone handset cables. Install our professional grade RJ11 keystone jacks to get maximum performance and superior signal quality out of your network! 

Use RJ11 Keystone Jacks to create telephone line wall outlets!

RJ11 keystone jacks are often used to create wall outlets that can be used when attaching telephone handsets and phone system lines to a network. An RJ11 keystone jack is the most commonly used connector type needed in voice applications for the home and business. In a voice network installation one end of a network cable is terminated into some type of wiring block located in a central closet or rack, while the other end is terminated on the back of the RJ11 keystone jack. This creates the pipe that is used to deliver the voice signals out to the end user locations. If you go to the nearest phone in your home or business and look at wall where it is plugged into you will most likely see an RJ11 keystone jack installed. In most voice network cabling installations you will notice that two Cat5e cables are often ran to each outlet or end user location. One cable is often used for data and the other is used for voice. The RJ11 jack is used because it is a 6-position 6-conductor (6P6C) connector which is the same connector type commonly found on the end of the cables hanging out of your telephone handsets. After installing an RJ11 voice jack you now have a permanent live outlet that can be used to plug-in or un-plug phones that are attached to your all voice network.

At Cabling Plus we offer all the RJ11 keystone jacks needed for a successful voice network installation. All of our RJ11 keystone jacks are easy to terminate and guaranteed to provide superior sound quality and performance. Don’t let the use of poor quality no-name RJ11 jacks disrupt the quality of your voice signals! If you are unsure of which RJ11 keystone jack you need to support your installation call us today! We have network installation professionals on staff waiting to assist you!