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RCA Connectors

A RCA connector is one of the most popular connector types used in home theater and commercial A/V installations. RCA connectors are vital in successfully terminating coaxial cables for home theater inter-connects, video cables, and custom cables to support various devices that require an RCA connection. At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of RCA connectors in both compression and crimp styles that will support any RCA connector application. We offer the high quality RCA connectors that will support both indoor and outdoor coaxial cable installations. Choose the RCA connectors you need for a successful installation!

Use RCA Connectors to create the cable connections you need! 

RCA connectors are very popular today for providing a fast easy plug and play installation of cables to electronic audio video devices. RCA connectors are commonly seen on the end of composite video, component video, or audio video cables that are used for RCA cable hook ups. RCA connectors allow you to easily terminate your own cables to create the RCA type connection you need. A male RCA connector features an RCA plug that is used to carry the audio video signals to and from your devices. The RCA plug is surrounded by a segmented ring that easily connects to a female RCA jack or socket. The RCA connector is very flexible and can easily be plugged and un-plugged into a device. A connection is made by simply pushing the male RCA connector into a female RCA connector that is located on a device. Often RCA connectors are color coded to help organize the connections you are supporting. Most quality RCA connectors include colored rings that you can place on the connectors to help organize and label your terminations.

RCA connectors are most common in installations for terminating RG59 and RG6 coaxial cable types. These are the most common cables used to support the connections of audio video components and devices like home theater receivers, TV’s, cable TV boxes, satellite TV boxes, and video switchers, and any other devices that support an RCA connection. Although many people buy audio video cables that are pre-terminated with RCA connectors already on them, many professional home theater installers and do-it-yourselfers still have applications where they have to build their own custom RCA cables.

At Cabling Plus we offer a complete line of professional grade RCA connectors to support various home theater, commercial A/V, and surveillance applications. We offer RCA connectors in both crimp and compression styles so you can choose the termination method you are the most comfortable with, and have the tools to support. Choose the RCA connectors you need that best support your cable terminations!