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Tag: Speaker Wire

  • Stop! Read This Before Buying Any Speaker Wire!

    Posted in Installation Tips, Tech and Gadgets | July 11 2013

    Most Do-It-Yourselfers find the most difficult part of implementing their new surround sound system is choosing the right speaker wire to give them the power and the sound they are striving for. Let’s face it! No one wants to install a complete home theater system only to find out that the speaker wire they installed is causing their speakers to under-perform. The end result could be very expensive and time consuming if you have to re-pull new cables and replace them with the right speaker wire types that are needed.

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  • High Quality Speaker Wire Really Makes A Difference!

    Posted in Product Reviews, Installation Tips | July 10 2013

    Remember 20 years ago when installing speakers at your home was as simple as throwing that thin, clear, banana peel style speaker wire on the ground and connecting it right to the back of your speakers? Remember how cheap that wire was and how no one even cared about the cables jacket or the thickness of the cable? In the past the quality, thickness, copper type, and specifications of speaker wire were not things that people thought would influence the quality of sound.

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  • Buy The Right 14-2 Speaker Wire For Your Audio System!

    Posted in Product Reviews, Installation Tips | July 10 2013

    It seems like the 14-2 speaker wire has become the most popular speaker wire type on the market. Professional installers and Do-It-Yourselfers have chosen the 14-2 speaker wire as their go to speaker wire to support their surround sound and home theater installations. As consumers strive to get the best sound out of their audio systems they have started to realize how important it really is to use the right speaker wire for the job!

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  • Direct Burial Speaker Wire: Do you need it?

    Posted in Product Reviews | June 21 2012

    The best strategy when installing speaker wire in the ground is to dig a trench and drop some PVC or flexible conduit into the trench for you to later pull your cable through. This will give your direct burial speaker wire a longer installation life. The reality is if you bury the speaker wire right into the ground you will eventually have corrosion which will lead to damaged or non-working cables.

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  • Cabling Plus offers the 16-2 Speaker Wire the professionals use!

    Posted in In The News | February 20 2012

    If you are a professional installer the 16-2 speaker wire may be the most popular speaker wire type used in all your audio installations. Do you know what a high quality 16-2 speaker wire really is? A 16-2 speaker wire is a 16 gauge two conductor (red/black) cable that is ideal for most home theater or surround sound installations.

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