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Tag: Security

  • Seco-Larm Electronic Locks: Security locking hardware you can trust!

    Posted in Product Reviews | February 14 2012

    Electronic locks, such as the ones developed by Seco-Larm, take advantage of electromagnetism to secure a door or gate. The lock itself consists of two major components: an electromagnet and an armature plate. Both parts are generally installed on the interior side of the door to prevent tampering from outside with the armature plate attached to the door and the electromagnet attached to the door frame.

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  • Comelit Video Intercom Kits Provide Security That Is Simple Yet Powerful

    Posted in Product Reviews | February 14 2012

    If you are looking for an intercom system that is simple to install, yet very powerful when it comes to securing a location, Comelit video intercom kits are a great solution.  It's Best to Start Out With Kits, Then Go From There.  Video intercom kits are almost always going to be the best place to start, since you will end up with the same items that make up the kit if you were to buy components separately. Comelit's intercom kits give you enough to install a simple system, but there is a kit available that is expandable enough to allow you to install a more sophisticated configuration if you need it.

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  • Use Seco-Larm Photobeam Detectors to secure your home or business!

    Posted in Product Reviews | February 14 2012

    One of the best ways to secure something is to secure the perimeter around it. If such a system stops an intruder (or at least alerts someone) after the perimeter is broken, the problem can be dealt with before the intruder enters a building or dwelling. These devices can also be used in non-security applications, such as a manufacturing line, where the device detects an object arriving at a given location in the manufacturing process and triggers a device that picks up the object. Seco-Larm provides a variety of photobeam detectors for almost any budget, allowing you several options to secure your business or home.

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  • Digital Watchdog Security Cameras: Price & Flexibility!

    Posted in Surveillance Systems | February 14 2012

    You can get a wide selection of security cameras for a variety of surveillance environments from Digital Watchdog. It would be too lengthy to describe all their cameras in this article, but what we can do is talk about the best camera from each group. The most important thing you need to know is that Digital Watchdog offers a 5 year warranty on all their security cameras and security DVR's!

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