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Tag: BNC Connectors

  • Choose Cabling Plus for Professional Grade BNC Connectors!

    Posted in In The News, Product Reviews, Installation Tips | February 25 2014

    Every CCTV system installation requires BNC connectors. This is the vital connector for attaching the RG59 coaxial cable to both the security camera and a security DVR. Although the BNC connector is a small part of the over-all system installation, it can play a major role in the performance and longevity of your system. The 2 most common types of BNC connectors on the market are compression and crimp types.

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  • Platinum Tools: New High Performance BNC Connectors

    Posted in In The News | July 16 2013

    Cabling Plus offers a complete line of high quality indoor and outdoor BNC connectors to support installations in the toughest environments. Using the right BNC connector for your video coaxial cable installation is vital to the success of your installation. Not using the right BNC connectors will ensure your video system fails or performs at a poor level.

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  • Understanding Crimp And Compression BNC Connectors

    Posted in Installation Tips | July 11 2013

    CCTV cable is most commonly just a simple piece of RG59 coaxial cable that is ran between your security camera and DVR or any other video viewing devices. The RG59 coaxial cable type is the best choice cable type for video transmission in a surveillance application. CCTV cable is really the common term that encompasses the cable and its use.

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  • Buy The Right BNC Connectors For The Job!

    Posted in Installation Tips, Surveillance Systems | July 10 2013

    BNC connectors are the most common connector type used to terminate and attach RG59 coaxial cable to both a security camera and a CCTV DVR. Since most DVR's and security cameras have female BNC connectors on them, a male BNC connector is needed to create the required connections for the cable to connect to both devices. In a security camera installation the RG59 coaxial cable is used to deliver video from the security cameras to the DVR.

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  • BNC Connectors: Types and Applications

    Posted in Product Reviews, Surveillance Systems | March 13 2012

    Are you using the right BNC connector for your security camera installation? Choose the BNC connector that will ensure your surveillance system performs!   The two most common BNC connector types are crimp and compression style. BNC connectors are the most common connectors used to terminate RG59 coaxial cables in CCTV camera installations. From far away BNC connectors look very complicated and difficult to work with. But the truth is terminating a BNC connector is no harder or more complicated than installing any other connector types.

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  • Cabling Plus offers the BNC connectors that perform!

    Posted in In The News | February 21 2012

    BNC connectors are vital to the performance of any security camera system. Having a BNC connector that is designed for performance and durability is crucial to the success of your entire CCTV system. BNC connectors are used to attach coaxial cables to the Security DVR and the security cameras. The coaxial cable is the pipe that delivers your video back to the DVR so it can be reviewed, saved, and monitored. If your connections are not performing properly the end result can be poor quality video, or no video signals at all.

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