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Tag: Audio

  • Direct Burial Speaker Wire: Do you need it?

    Posted in Product Reviews | June 21 2012

    The best strategy when installing speaker wire in the ground is to dig a trench and drop some PVC or flexible conduit into the trench for you to later pull your cable through. This will give your direct burial speaker wire a longer installation life. The reality is if you bury the speaker wire right into the ground you will eventually have corrosion which will lead to damaged or non-working cables.

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  • Cabling Plus offers the 16-2 Speaker Wire the professionals use!

    Posted in In The News | February 20 2012

    If you are a professional installer the 16-2 speaker wire may be the most popular speaker wire type used in all your audio installations. Do you know what a high quality 16-2 speaker wire really is? A 16-2 speaker wire is a 16 gauge two conductor (red/black) cable that is ideal for most home theater or surround sound installations.

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