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Motion Detectors

Are you looking for high performance motion detectors to secure your home or business? We offer a huge selection of professional grade motion detectors designed to secure even the toughest environments. Our motion detectors are built for performance, durability, and reliability. Plus they are designed to connect to any alarm system brands or types. At Cabling Plus, you get the motion detectors that are trusted by home owners and business owners all over the US!

Secure your home or business with a high performance motion detector!

Motion detectors are used every day to make the home and business more secure. Most commonly a motion detector is used as the most vital peripheral to an alarm system. Meaning the motion detectors are directly connected to the alarm panel and the panel is used to communicate with and control the motion detectors. Motion detectors are often mounted throughout a home or business in areas that are most critical to secure. These areas can include entry-ways, large rooms, hall ways, and areas surrounding valuable assets. Motion detectors are also available for securing outdoor areas too! Once motion is detected in an area, the detector will send a signal back to the alarm panel telling it that there is an intruder in the area. That signal is what causes the alarm system to sound.

Motion detectors use various internal technologies to perform and operate. Having a motion detector that uses the most state-of-the-art technology will ensure reliability, pet immunity, and no false alarms. The entire alarm system depends on the success or failure of a motion detector. Not all motion detectors are made equally. Some have better features, better technology, and better accuracy. Many of the most popular motion detectors today use passive infrared technology to capture an intruder’s body heat in an area. When the intruder passes through the field of view of the motion detector, the detector will sense the energy emitted by an intruder’s body heat. The motion detector is designed to capture the sharp increase in energy to determine that there is truly an intruder in the area. Some motion detectors are also packed with other technology features that allow them to capture wide views or large areas, judge the size of an object, differential between a pet or a human (pet immunity), analyze movements, and evaluate temperatures. So there are motion detectors available that perform the minimal requirements, and there are some available that take extra steps in providing the highest security measures.

Motion detectors are easy to mount and install. They are designed to be mounted directly to a flat surface high on the wall so they can get the best available view of an area. Motion detectors are hard wired directly to the alarm panel using standard 22-4 alarm wire. Each motion detector needs 4 wires to operate. Two wires are used for power and two wires are used for the sensor. So the power wires would be ran between the motion detector and the auxiliary power on the panel. The sensor wires are ran between the detector and the zone outputs on the panel. So the panel will be used to power, control, and communicate with the motion detectors. All of these connections are made using screw down terminals that are located on both the panel and motion detector. Since each detector will be connected to a particular zone in the system, it is very easy to trace what area of the home or business the motion occurred.

Although motion detectors are simple electronic devices, don’t underestimate their importance. Using high quality motion detector for you security system will ensure your system performs at its highest potential. Plus they will give you the peace of mind that you have installed the right products to best secure home or business. At the end of the day the most important thing is that your employees, family members, and most valuable assets are best secured!

If you need assistance choosing the best motion detector for your security system just give us a call today! We have seasoned security veterans on staff that will help you make the best buying decisions. We take pride in giving our customers the support they need to have the most successful security system installations!

Can I install a motion detector on my own?

Installing a motion detector is very easy. The alarm panel is already set up to accept a new device so it will sense that you have connected a new motion detector to one of the panel’s zone outputs. If you are simply replacing an older detector that you can simply swap it out by detaching the old on and attaching the new one. If it is a completely new detector at a new location then you will have to wire for the new sensor. A motion detector is really just a plug and play electronics device. So you should have no problem installing a new one on your own.

How do I wire for a motion detector?

Each motion detector needs a 22-4 alarm wire ran between the detectors mounting location and the alarm panel. The motion detector requires 2 wires for power and 2 wires for the circuit. All 4 wires will attach on one side to the terminals on the back side of the motion detector. On the opposite side of the wire run all 4 wires will attach to the alarm panel. Two of the wires will go to the auxiliary power, and the other 2 will attach to the alarm zone input. All of these connections are made using basic screw down terminals.

What is a Pet Immunity Motion Detector?

A motion detector that offers Pet Immunity has a special infrared technology that allows the motion detector to differentiate between a human and a small animal. The infrared detection system can verify the difference between the body heat of an animal, and that of a person. By doing so, the motion detector will not trigger an alarm when it senses an animal. This means you are free of false alarms and your family pet can roam the house without negatively affecting the performance of your alarm system. Motion detectors are available for detecting animals that weighs up to 100 pounds!

How do I mount a motion detector?

Motion detectors are designed so you can mount them in the corner and on a flat surface of the wall. Once you take the back lid off you will see knock out holes where you can drill through the plastic housing. After you create your holes you can then use standard drywall screws to secure the back portion of the detector to the wall. Once secured you simply snap the front cover onto the mounted back portion of the detector. Installing and mounting a motion detector is a fast and easy process.

Where is the best place to mount a motion detector?

In order to mount your motion detector in the best place it is important to evaluate the coverage that your detector offers. Most quality motion detectors will provide you with documentation of the width and distance areas that they will secure. Once you understand the range you can then mount the detector in the best place that supports your requirements. You absolutely want to mount the detector up on the wall and out of reach of passing people. Plus you want to position them so the coverage system is reaching the areas that are most vital to secure.

Will all motion detectors work with all alarm systems?

Most popular alarm panel brands will accept “conventional” motion detectors. So you will have no problem attaching one of our motion detectors to you alarm system. In fact, most alarm systems have been installed in homes for years. Which means they may have inferior or “old technology” motion detectors. If you have an alarm system that is more than 5 years old you may want to upgrade your motion detectors just to ensure you have the latest and greatest technology. The last thing you want is your motion detectors hindering the performance of your entire alarm system.

Can I install motion detectors outdoors?

Motion detectors are available with weather proof and sunlight resistant housings. They are also designed with long range optics so they can secure larger outdoor areas. For outdoor security applications we always recommend using motion detectors that are specifically designed for outdoor use. If a motion detector is not adequate for your outdoor needs you can always use a photoelectric beam detector to secure your perimeters. Just like a motion detector a photoelectric beam detector will attach directly to your current alarm panel.