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Wire Strippers & Cable Cutters

Are you using the right wire strippers and cable cutters to do the job? We have the wire strippers and cable cutters that will help you get the job done right! Use our professional grade wire strippers and cable cutters to prepare coaxial cables, network cables, and multi-conductor cables in any low voltage cable applications. Using the right cable cutters and wire strippers will ensure you have a long lasting high quality wire or cable installation! 

Choose the Wire Strippers and Cable Cutters used by the experts!

Don’t let the use of poor quality cable cutters and wire strippers hinder the success of your installation. Having the right tools is vital to any professional installer or Do-It-Yourselfer! Having the right cable cutters and wire strippers to do the job will ensure all your connections are strong, durable, and long lasting. Ensuring you have the right tools will also save you time and money in your installation.

At Cabling Plus we have a huge selection of wire strippers and cable cutters to support any structured cabling, home theater, security, access control, or surveillance applications. Our wire strippers and cable cutters are designed to work on any coaxial cables, network cables, and multi-conductor cables you are terminating and installing. We only offer professional grade tools that are 100% tested and proven by the experts in the field! All of our wire stripper and cable cutter tools are manufactured by proven manufacturers that specialize in making the best tools for the low voltage industry.

Get the wire strippers and cable cutters you need from Cabling Plus today! We understand that having the right tools to do the job could make or break an installation. If you have any questions or training on any tools offered by Cabling Plus feel free to call us today and let one of our tool experts assist you. Our goal is to make sure you are successful with every product you purchase from us!

Why do I need a cable stripper for coaxial cables?

A good coaxial cable stripper will prepare the cable perfectly for installing a connector on it. This is important to ensure the performance and connectivity through the cable and connector, to the device you are sending a signal to. A good coaxial cable stripping tool will cut the cable jacket and the center conductor of the cable to the perfect required length. Most coaxial cable strippers will prepare the cable to an industry standard cut length, which is the standard supported by most connector manufactures.

What coaxial cable stripper do you recommend to your customers?

The Belden Cable Pro PSA59/6 is easily the best coaxial cable stripper on the market. The PSA59/6 is the stripper we recommend to all of our customers. It prepares each cable perfectly and works great for preparing RG59, RG6 60%, and RG6 quad shield coaxial cable. It features a small dial that allows you to immediately switch from RG59 to RG6 coaxial cable, so there is no need to ever reach for your tool bag. The PSA59/6 will be the last coaxial cable stripper you ever buy!

What is the purpose of a cable stripper for Cat5e and Cat 6 cables?

A good network cable stripper will allow you to easily remove the cable jacket from both Cat5e and Cat 6 cables. This is must when punching down network cables onto jacks, patch panels, connecting blocks, and termination blocks. Using a cable stripper on Cat5e and Cat 6 cable is also important when crimping a modular connector on the ends of them. Having the right cable stripper will ensure your work is clean, organized, and has a professional looking.

What tool can I use to cut the jacket on speaker wire?

Cutting the jacket on speaker wire is necessary when attaching speaker wire directly to speakers, installing banana plugs, or terminating speaker wire onto a keystone insert. Not only will you have to strip the overall jacket, but you will also need strip the jacket that is covering the individual conductors. It is important to strip the jacket on the individual conductors so you can get the amount of bare copper needed to support the connections types you are creating. To strip the jackets on speaker wire it is best to use a standard low voltage wire stripper. It is also important to be careful that you don’t cut or damage the copper stands that are inside the cable.

Does the brand of tools really matter?

Not all tool brands are the same. Some are made more durable than others, some are easier to use, and some are just plain better. At Cabling Plus we only offer the tools that are known and used by the professionals in the industry. We offer the tools that we feel will make your installations easier and more efficient. We also offer the tools that are compatible with the best performing connectors, which means you don’t have to search for compatible parts that work.

How important is preparing a cable properly before terminating?

Most connectivity issues are connector related. So properly preparing your cables before terminating is important to the overall success and performance of your entire system. Just because a cable works does not mean it is prepared and terminated correctly. Unless you have test equipment you just may not know if your cable signals are performing at the right levels. A professional installer takes his or her time and ensures each termination is done correctly from start to finish.

Should I use a tester and test every termination?

You should test every connection to ensure the best performance. There are inexpensive cable testers available that will test your cables continuity and signal levels. This is really the only way to ensure your connections are done properly. It is really a small price to pay to ensure your network is performing at the highest level.

What is the main purpose for a cable cutter?

A cable cutter is used to create a clean cut on your cable prior to terminating it, punching it down, or putting a connector on it. A round cable cutter allows you to make a clean cut on the end of the coaxial cable, which will ensure the end of the cable is even and clean before you insert it into your coaxial cable stripper. Many installers use a flush wire cutter or electrician scissors to cut and trim the network cable pairs prior to punching them down. Having clean straight cable pairs make the cable much easier to work with. Electrician scissors also allow you to clean up the excess cable that is hanging from your jacks once all the cable pairs are punched down. Cable cutters are available for almost every cable type. A cable cutter is a vital tool that is found in the tool bag of every professional installer.