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IC107DSCWH - ICC Professional Grade Speaker Keystone Jack, White

ICC Cabling Products: IC107DSCWH Speaker Keystone Jack

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Use these patented ICC IC107DSCWH Keystone Speaker Connectors to manage all your speaker wires in a single speaker or surround sound installation. The IC107DSCWH speaker connectors allows an entire 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound home theater system to be installed within a 12 or 18 port wall plate!

The IC107DSCWH keystone speaker module support speaker wire up to 16 AWG, features simple to use labels push pins to attach to the wire, and is the best way to easily manage speaker wire connection! Buy the IC107DSCWH keystone speaker connectors to give your speaker wire terminations a clean professional look!

  • Includes: (1) White Speaker Keystone Jack
  • Provides exceptional performance
  • Reduces faceplates size by 1 to 2 gangs for home theatre systems
  • Allows an entire 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound systems to be installed within a 12 or 18 port faceplate depending on type of installation
  • Capable of using up to 16 AWG speaker wires for front connection
  • Black and red push buttons with + and - signs for correct polarity and easy installation
  • Easy installation with solder-less crimp-on rear wire connection
  • Provides a more finished professional appearance than traditional installations
  • Includes two female push pin type connectors suitable for 16-14 AWG speaker wires
  • Compatible with all standard faceplates, wall plates, Decora inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels
  • UL listed
  • Part#: IC107DSCWH

What is the purpose of the ICC IC107DSCWH Speaker Keystone Jack?

The IC107DSCWH is a speaker wire keystone jack that allows you to manage all your in-wall speaker wires at a central wall plate location. The IC107DSCWH lets you attach in-wall two conductor speaker wire in the rear, while in the front you have simple to use push pins for connecting speaker wire that is ran from the wall plate to your audio equipment. The IC107DSCWH offers connections for 16 and 14 gauge speaker wire, plus it will snap into any standard keystone wall plate. The IC107DSCWH lets you create a speaker wall plate outlet almost anywhere. Once installed, you are creating a permanent speaker wire outlet that allows you to protect and manage your in-wall speaker wires. With this solution your in-wall speaker wires are left in the wall and protected, while you use shorter and easier to manage speaker wire patch cables to come off the wall and into your amplifier or receiver.

Why would I use the IC107DSCWH Speaker Keystone Jack?

The IC107DSCWH is great for numerous applications and reasons. First of all it allows you build your own custom wall plates. So you could take a multi-port keystone wall plate and add the speaker jacks you need to manage all the wires for your sound system. Some people use a 12 port keystone wall plate and fill it with not only the IC107DSCWH speaker jacks, but also other audio video keystone jacks that are needed to best support their system configuration. So you can build custom wall plates that will best manage all your in-wall wires and cables. Another purpose of using the IC107DSCWH is to protect your in-wall speaker wire. By running your speaker wires to a wall plate you will ensure your in-wall wires are never damaged. They are left in the wall and protected. Using the IC107DSCWH speaker wire keystone jacks will for sure give your installation the most professional look!

Is it easy to attach speaker wire to the IC107DSCWH Speaker Keystone Jack?

Very easy! The front of the IC107DSCWH has black and red push button connectors with + and - signs for correct polarity. Then the back end of the jack features solder-less crimp on wire connections that make attaching speaker wire fast and simple.

Will the IC107DSCWH fit in any brand keystone wall plates?

Most keystone wall plates follow an industry standard when it comes to the port sizes. So the IC107DSCWH will fit into any quality faceplates, wall plates, decora inserts, surface mount boxes, and blank patch panels. They are very diverse so you can use them to manage speaker wires in any residential and commercial audio applications.