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14-2 - 14 Gauge 2 Conductor 105 Strand Speaker Wire, CL3 Rated, 500 ft, White

Cabling Plus: Professional Grade 14 2 Speaker Wire

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A 14-2 speaker wire is the ideal cable for use with speaker runs that are between 60 to 180 feet long. Choosing the right gauge speaker wire may be the most important decision you make when installing your home theater speakers. Use a 14 gauge speaker wire to support those longer than normal cable runs. This 14 2 speaker wire has a 105 strand count and is made with 99% oxygen free copper.  Use this speaker wire to enjoy a clean professional sound from your new home theater speakers!

If you are using a 14 gauge speaker wire it is more than likely that you are installing speaker wire in the walls. We recommend you always follow your local building codes and make sure you only use CL3 rated speaker wire for this application. Make sure all your speaker wire is clearly labeled as a CL3 rated cable. This means the cable has been tested and approved as safe for being installed in your walls. All speaker wire products from Cabling Plus are CL3 and UL rated so you can rest assure you are getting the right speaker wire for the job!

Frequently asked Questions About 14-2 Speaker Wire

Q. Do many people use 14-2 speaker wire?

A. After 16 gauge speaker wire the 14-2 speaker wire is the most popular speaker wire type sold. The 14 gauge construction makes it a solid all around high performance cable to support speaker wire runs between 60 and 180 feet. You really can’t go wrong when you choose to install 14-2 speaker wire.

Q. What is the strand count of your 14-2 speaker wire?

A. Our 14-2 speaker wire is a made up of a 105 strands of oxygen free copper. Our high strand count 14-2 speaker wire ensures flexibility and a large skin area which means less resistance and less inductance. All important qualities and positive characteristics of a high performance 14-2 speaker wire.

Q. Is your 14-2 speaker wire in-wall rated?

A. Yes. All of our speaker wire products are UL type CMR & CL3 in-wall rated. The CMR rating on our 14-2 speaker wire means it is suitable to be installed in walls and ceilings in riser commercial buildings. The CMR rating really supersedes most requirements except CMP which is a requirement for plenum air duct cable installations. Our 14-2 speaker wire comes with the CL3 and CMR rating clearly documented both on the box and the cable jacket. All of our speaker wire products are guaranteed to support your local commercial and residential building codes.

Q. What does the 2 mean in 14-2 speaker wire?

A. The (2) describes the number of conductors that are included in a 14 gauge 2 conductor speaker wire. Our 14-2 speaker wire comes with two color coded conductors that allow you to easily verify polarity. You will notice that the binding posts on your audio receivers, amplifiers, and speakers will also be color coded to ensure the speaker wire is connected correctly on both ends.

Q. What kind of jacket is on your 14-2 speaker wire?

A. Our 14-2 speaker wire comes with a CMR rated and CL3 in-wall rated jacket.   

Q. Why do you have the best price on 14-2 speaker wire?

A. We buy right! Many online companies buy their speaker wire from other distributors which will just add more cost. We buy our speaker wire directly from the manufacturer which allows us to pass savings directly to our customers. We really feel that our 14-2 speaker wire offers the characteristics needed for the best 14-2 speaker wire product on the market.

  • Includes: (1) 500 ft box of 14-2 speaker wire
  • 14 AWG Speaker Wire
  • Made with 99.999% OFC Copper
  • UL TYPE: CMR & CL3
  • High-strand Bare Copper
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Part#: WAV-AC14202RWH - 14-2 Speaker Wire