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SK-1123-SQ - SECO-LARM Weather-Resistant Illuminated Stand-Alone Keypad

SECO-LARM: SK-1123-SQ Weatherproof Keypad
One year Warranty

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The SECO-LARM SK-1123-SQ is a surface mount style weather-resistant rugged illuminated stand-alone access control keypad that is a cost effective solution for adding an access control system to any home or business. The SK-1123-SQ is a self-contained security keypad that features a built-in 5-Amp relay output and a 1-Amp relay output for maximum flexibility when connecting to electronic door strikes, door alarms, door chimes, alarm control panels, or other security and access control peripherals. The outputs of this unit can be programmed for timed (1-999 seconds) or ON/OFF operation.

The SK-1123-SQ can be programmed for up to (100) 4-digit to 8-digit user codes for the primary output, and up to (10) 4-digit to 8-digit user codes for the second output. All programming and code information is stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory to protect the data in case of power loss.

The SK-1123-SQ is simple to install, 100% programmable at the keypad, dual voltage, uses low current draw to support solar applications, and can be programmed to emit beeps for key presses or operate in silent mode.

  • Includes: (1) SK-1123-SQ Weather-Resistant Illuminated Stand-Alone Keypad
  • 2 relays: 5A@28VDC Form C, N.O./COM/N.C., 1A@28VDC Form C, N.O./COM/N.C.
  • Each relay can be programmed for momentary (1-999 seconds) or latch
  • Code flexibility: Codes can be 4~8 digits long
  • Egress input for exiting the protected premises
  • Dual voltage: 12~24 VDC/VAC operation
  • Tamper switch: N.C. dry contact 3A@12VDC
  • Mantrap - For a protected area with 2 doors, this feature allows only 1 door to be open at any time
  • All features are programmed directly from the keypad:
  • No need for an external programmer
  • Duress output: signals a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced to open the door under duress
  • Keypad active output
  • Door-forced-open alarm output
  • Door-propped-open alarm output
  • Keypad can be programmed to emit beeps for key presses or operate in silent mode
  • EEPROM memory protects programmed information in case of power loss
  • Auto or manual code entry checking: Auto: No # key required after each code. Manual: # key must be pressed after every code
  • Low current draw suitable for solar applications
  • Part#: SK-1123-SQ

SECO-LARM SK-1123-SQ Weather-Resistant Illuminated Stand-Alone Keypad - Unique Features

12-24V AC/DC Universal Power:  No programming or jumpers needed.

Mantrap:  Each keypad can be used as a stand-alone keypad. However, the mantrap feature uses two keypads to protect an area with two doors by ensuring that only one door is open at a time. With the mantrap interlock functions, when a user keys in the code to open one door, a signal is sent to disable the second keypad, thereby preventing access through the second door until the first door is closed.

Relay Output #1 Inhibit Control:  Relay output #1 is typically used for a door strike.  If the keypad is set to the "inhibited" mode, relay output #1 will not operate. This increases the security of the protected premises during the time it is not expected to be occupied, such as during evening or weekend hours. An authorized user can enable or disable the inhibit control by using the code for relay output #2 at any time, depending on how installed.

Door-Forced-Open Warning:  When used with an optional magnetic contact, the keypad beeps continuously if the door to the protected premises is forced open without using a valid user code. The warning can be stopped only by closing the protected door.

Door-Propped-Open Warning:   When used with an optional magnetic contact, the keypad beeps continuously if the door is propped open after the allowed open time. The allowable open time is programmable. The warning stops when the door is re-closed.

Door-Hold-Open Mode:  Output #2 can be programmed to hold the door open if it needs to remain open for an extended length of time.

Auto or Manual Code Entry Checking:  Auto code entry checking mode -- When all the user codes have the same number of digits, the keypad will activate automatically when the code is entered. There is no need to press the "#" key. This is convenient for the users.  Manual code entry checking mode -- The user codes can vary in number of digits, and the user must press the "#" key when finished entering the code. This increases security.

Keypad Active Output:  This NPN transistor open collector ground (-) output activates for 10 seconds when any key on the keypad is pressed. This can be used to trigger a video recorder or turn on a light, or to signal a guard that someone is entering the protected premises.

Door Auto Relock:  The keypad will relock an open door either when the relock time expires or immediately after the door is closed, depending on which occurs first. This prevents unwanted "tailgate" entries, which can happen if an unauthorized person tries to follow an authorized person through the door.

Duress Output:  This NPN transistor open collector ground (-) output can be used to trigger a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced under duress to use the keypad.  The duress output is activated by adding 2 to the first digit of user code 1. In this case, the protected door opens as it would normally, but a signal is quietly sent to a remote device to call for help without alerting the unauthorized person.

Backlit Keypad:  The keypad is backlit to increase nighttime visibility. The backlit function can be programmed via a jumper for full, partial or no illumination.

Preparing to Program the SK-1123-SQ Keypad

  • To program the SK-1123-SQ, first determine the following information:
  • The Master Code:  Allows the system administrator to program or operate the keypad.
  • The User Code or Codes:  Allows users to use the keypad's functions.
  • Configuration of the Relays and Outputs:  For relay output #1 and relay output #2, determine whether the output should operate from 1 to 999 seconds and then turn OFF (momentary mode), or turn ON/OFF via the code (shunt mode).
  • Result of Improper Code Entry (optional):  Choose between a 30-second code lockout, duress output, a 15-minute code lockout, or no reaction.

Note: When appears in the instructions, it indicates master code entry.

SECO-LARM SK-1123-SQ:  Getting Started

  • A master code is required to program the keypad. The default master code is set to "0000." To change a forgotten master code, go to page 15 and follow the instructions for "MASTER CODE BYPASS" (DAP jumper).
  • Once the master code is set, review the programming options and decide exactly what the keypad will do, including the format of the user access codes as well as how the keypad responds via the relay output, buzzer and LEDs. Note that in every case the basic steps for programming are:
  • Enter the master code, followed by the key, which puts you in programming mode.
  • Enter the programming options defined in the various sections as needed, followed by the key.
  • Enter the key again to exit programming mode.

Note: A rapid string of 5 beeps and/or 5 LED flashes indicates an error, while 2 beeps indicates that the entry has been accepted.