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Network and Cable Testers

We offer numerous cost effect cable testers for testing, tracing, and verifying all your network cables. Our professional grade cable testers are ideal for testing performance and signal strength in voice, data, telephone, and coaxial cables networks. Use our premium cable testers to make your low voltage cable installations a complete success!

Use our cable testers to test and verify all your network cables!

A good cable tester is a necessity for any low voltage installer. Most cable testers give you the ability to test and verify signal quality for voice, data, and video cables. Having the ability to properly test, trace, tone, and verify all your cables during an installation will save you time and money on the job site, while also ensuring you are getting the performance out of your cables that are needed to properly fuel your network. Without the ability to accurately test your cables you could be working harder and not smarter!

We offer tradition toner and probe testers that will give you the ability to trace and identify wires in all voice and data applications. We also offer multi-function cable testers that will simultaneously test video, data, and voice network cables in any networking, audio video, security, and surveillance applications. If you are looking for a cost effective cable tester solution to test Cat5e cables, Cat 6 cables, Cat 3 telephone cables, and coaxial cables, then we have the tester that will fit your needs!

At Cabling Plus we offer numerous cable tester options that will support any professional installer or Do-It-Yourselfer. We offer numerous high quality cable tester options to support any budget. All of our cable testers are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the low voltage industry, so you are guaranteed to get a tester that is built for performance and accuracy, while being proven in the field by professional installers.