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CA-161T - SECO-LARM Male DC Plug to Terminal Block

SECO-LARM: CA-161T DC Plug to Terminal Block

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The SECO-LARM CA-161T Male DC Plug to Terminal Block is used for attaching the raw 18-2 conductor power cable to a security camera.  The CA-161T is used for the security camera side of a wire run.  The power cable simply attaches to the terminal block on the back of the CA-161T.  Once the wire is connected to the terminal block you can simply plug the male side of the CA-161T directly into the female jack coming out of the security camera.  

The SECO-LARM CA-161T Male DC Plug to Terminal Block takes the place of traditional DC pigtails and allows for a fast installation without the need to splice and connect raw wires.  The rear terminal block accepts wire by using a small Phillips head screw driver.  The DC plug is a standard 2.1mm’s which is the industry standard for all traditional DC security cameras. 

Using the CA-161T Male DC Plug to Terminal Block is vital in all 12VDC security camera installations. The first thought it always to just cut the DC plug off the camera and splice the power cables together.  Unfortunately this will immediately make the warranty on your security camera invalid.  Security camera manufacturers will not honor any warranties on cameras where the power cable has been cut for splicing the power cable onto it.    

  • Includes: (1) CA-161T DC Plug to Terminal Block 
  • Male DC Plug to Removable Terminal Block Connector
  • Small size for tight spaces
  • 2.1mm DC plug
  • Simplify any CCTV installation
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Practical to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Part#: CA-161T