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DM60 - Paradox Quad Element Motion Detector Module

Paradox: DM60 Quad Element Motion Detector Module

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The Paradox DM60 is quad element motion detector designed for Paradox Digiplex EVO alarm systems. The DM60 is a patented digital motion detector that features digital opposed dual opposed detection, interlock sensor geometry, digital auto pulse signal processing, digital shield algorithm software, and a metal shield that maximizes protection from EMI and RFI signals. 

The digital auto pulse signal processing in the DM60 measures energy from each detected signal and stores it in memory. To generate an alarm, the memory must reach a required minimum level. Thus, in the presence of high-level signals (very low risk of false alarms) the detector immediately generates an alarm, functioning as a “non-pulse count” detector, while low level signals (presenting a high risk of false alarms) will cause the DM60 to automatically switch to a very high pulse count mode - resulting in excellent protection against false alarms.

  • Includes: (1) DM60 Quad Element Motion Detector Module
  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • Interlock Sensor Geometry (ISG)
  • Patented Digital Motion Detection (no analogue circuitry)
  • Digital Auto Pulse Signal Processing
  • Digital Shield algorithm software
  • Metal shield maximizes protection from EMI and RFI signals
  • 12m (40ft) X 12m (40ft) range with 110° viewing angle
  • Part# DM60