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SST00121 - Linear DXS-65 Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter

Linear: DXS-65 Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter
Two year Warranty

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The Linear SST00121 DXS-65 Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter is a supervised water-resistant emergency alarm transmitter designed for use with Linear’s PERS Consoles and can also be used with other Linear DX or DXS format receivers. This transmitter features a large, easy to find, bright red HELP button. Pressing the button activates the transmitter and sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver. A non-labeled aqua colored button is also included with the transmitter for alternative uses. To insure sending a complete signal, press the transmitter button for a minimum of two seconds.

The DXS-65 transmitter can be wall mounted using the integral snap-on mounting bracket, or simply be placed on a table. Four rubber “feet” are supplied for table-top use. The DXS-65 is factory set to a unique code, so no field coding is required. The transmitter can send a signal for up to 10 seconds per activation. The red operation indicator lights when the transmitter is activated.

An optional supervisory status timer is included in the DXS-65. Status transmissions occur every two hours and inform the receiver of the condition of the transmitter and its batteries. The factory setting has the status timer disabled. The status timer can be enabled by pressing the HELP button continuously for five seconds. The red operation indicator will blink as the status timer is enabled. The status timer can be disabled by removing the power from the transmitter. NOTE: If the status timer is required for the installation, be sure to enable it after replacing the transmitter’s batteries.

Every two hours the DXS-65 transmitter tests for low batteries. This test takes place even if the status transmissions have not been enabled. If the batteries test low, a low battery signal is sent to the receiver.

Each DXS-65 transmitter is sealed to provide water-resistance. The transmitter is powered by two 2032 “coin-cell” batteries and must be disassembled to replace the batteries.

  • Includes: (1) DXS-65 Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter
  • Water-resistant
  • Large easy-to-find help button
  • Optional blank, non-labeled, aqua colored button included
  • Visual activation indicator
  • Full RF supervision, field enabled
  • Long-life lithium batteries
  • DXS format
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 2.5" W x 3" H x .6" D
  • Part#: SST00121