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ICRDSVPA10 - ICC 8 Port Telephone Module for ICC Mini Distribution Center

ICC Cabling Products: ICRDSVPA10 Telephone Module

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The ICC ICRDSVPA10 is an 8 port telephone module is designed to install in ICC's Mini Distribution Center. The 4 incoming telephone lines are bridged to support up to 8 telephone extension lines. It also includes a security interface provided by a RJ-31X jack along with an expansion jack allowing for additional extensions. The ICRDSVPA10 telephone module features a quick tab and screw mounting system that holds the module firmly in position while allowing for right or left side mounting in the distribution center. The front mounted 110 punch-down terminals allow for termination while the module is mounted in the enclosure. 

* Designed specifically for the ICC ICRDSMMB03 Mini Distribution Center.

  • Includes: (1) ICRDSVPA10 8 Port Telephone Module for ICC Mini Distribution Center
  • Designed to support up to 4 incoming telephone lines with 8 outputs/extensions per line
  • Module is bridged as using only 2 incoming lines can get 16 outputs/extensions per line and using only 1 incoming line can get 32 outputs/extensions
  • Includes an RJ31X jack connected to line 1 for a security system
  • Includes an expansion jack for more outputs/extensions by connecting to ICRESVPB10 8-port telephone module with expansion jacks
  • Fits all ICRDSMMB03 mini distribution center, can also be wall mounted
  • UL listed
  • Part#: ICRDSVPA10