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ICCABP6EBL - ICC Cat6e 600 MHz Plenum Rated Cable, 1000ft, Blue

ICC: ICCABP6EBL Cat6e 600 MHz Plenum Rated Cable 1000ft Blue

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The ICC ICCABP6EBL Cat6e 600 MHz Plenum Rated Cable is a high performance network cable designed for high speed network signal applications.  It is blue and comes in a 1000ft spool in a box.  The ICCABP6EBL is manufactured based on the TIA 568-C.2 industry standard and is UL and cUL listed and verified.  The ICCABP6EBL offers a competitive solution designed to provide the ultimate performance necessary for today's demanding voice, data, video, and security applications in commercial network installations.

The ICCABP6EBL Cat6e cable is 600 MHz rated, to ensure Gigabit speeds are exceeded in your network.  It features 4 solid bare copper 23 gauge twisted pairs, a cable spline separator, sequential marking on the jacket for easy tracking of lengths, and a plenum (CMP) rated jacket.

The plenum rated jacket on the ICCABP6EBL ensures the cable supports the building codes in commercial installations where cable is ran in an open-air plenum rated ceiling.  This is often a requirement in large commercial installations.  It is always important to understand your local building codes and install the right cable needed to support them.

The ICC ICCABP6EBL Cat6e 600 MHz Plenum Rated Cable is perfect for 10 Base-T, 100Base-T (IEEE 802.3u), 1000 Base-T, High Definition Video, Digital Broadcast Video/IP, Video/VoIP, ISDN/ADSL, and 155Mbps ATM applications.

Includes: (1) ICCABP6EBL Cat6e 600 MHz Plenum Rated Cable 1000ft Blue  


  • Color: Blue
  • 1000ft Spool in a Box
  • TIA 568-C.2 Category 6
  • UL Type CMP for plenum
  • UL 444


  • 10 Base-T
  • 100Base-T (IEEE 802.3u)
  • 1000 Base-T
  • High Definition Video
  • Digital Broadcast Video/IP Video/VoIP
  • 155Mbps ATM


  • Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
  • Insulation: FEP
  • Jacket: Plenum PVC
  • Cable spine separator X
  • Component: 4 twisted pair
  • Insulation Dia. (in): 0.039
  • Outer Dia.(in): 0.234
  • Sequential footage marking for easy usage tracking
  • Packaged in a pull box
  • Wired pairs are vividly colored for quick identification