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E1200 - Channel Vision 1-Input Micro Modulator

Channel Vision: E1200 1-Input Micro Modulator
Two year Warranty

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The Channel Vision E1200 1-Input Micro Modulator is a perfect solution for structured wiring installations, as all inputs are located on the top of the unit. With ease of use, the E1200 is a product that has many attractive features such as immunity to brownouts, PLL crystal controlled oscillator circuitry, which means longer life, no channel drift and simple set up, and a wide channel range (UHF 14-78, Ultra band 65-135). A built-in video amplifier boosts the signal to +25dB providing a powerful signal, which is suitable for most residential applications. The E1200 is UL & CSA approved.

The E1200 is designed to distribute a modulated channel of an incoming video source such as security cameras, VCRs, DVDs or other video/audio appliances. To enhance the performance of the E1200, the unit should be combined with Channel Vision products such as passive splitters, HS-6 and HS-8, or powered distribution systems, CVT-2/4PIA-II or CVT-2/8PIA-II. Combining various distribution options with the E1200 allows the combination of CATV or off-air signals to be sent with the output of the E1200, creating a total RF distribution system of incoming services and in-house created channels to every room with the system.

The Channel Vision E1200 Features:

  • Adjustments/inputs & output on face of unit
  • 25dBmV Output
  • Wide Channel Range UHF 14-78 Cable 65-135 (excluding 95-99)
  • Immunity to voltage brownouts
  • Push Button Channel Selector, Video Input Level Adjustment
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • UL/CUL/FCC agency approvals

Includes: (1) E1200 1-Input Micro Modulator

  • 25dBmV output
  • Wide channel range cable 65-135 (excluding 95-99) UHF 14-78
  • Push button channel selector
  • Nonvolatile memory
  • Unaffected by voltage brownouts
  • RF Modulator: PLL Synthesized Oscillator
  • Video: NTSC 0.4-2.7V Peak to Peak
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Audio 1VRMS: L&R combined Mono


  • Video/Audio Inputs: RCA Female
  • RF Output: F Type Female
  • Bandwidth: 5-1000Mhz

RF Carriers

  • Frequency Stability: ±1Khz
  • Frequency Range: UHF 471.25-855.25Mhz, Ultraband 469.25-859.25Mhz
  • Channels: UHF 14-78 / Ultraband 65-135 (except 95-99)
  • Channel Width: 6Mhz
  • Audio offset: 4.5Mhz
  • Sidebands: Double

RF Output

  • Maximum: 25dbmV

Video Performance

  • S/N ratio: > 52dB
  • Spurious Output Rejection (non-harmonic)
  • Outside Carrier: +12Mhz Greater than 62dBC
  • Inside Carrier: +12Mhz Greater than 55dBC
  • Power Requirements: 12VDC@250mA

Dimensions: 4.8w x 7h x 1.6d inches

Part#: E1200