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AB-134W - Channel Vision A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad, White

Channel Vision: AB-124 White A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad
Two year Warranty

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The Channel Vision AB-134W White A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad is designed for use with Channel Vision’s single-source and multi-source Cat5e audio systems. It provides convenient volume control and source selection capabilities, while its elegant decorator styling blends seamlessly with other wall switch devices.

The Channel Vision AB-134W A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad can be used in two different modes: 1) single source mode, 2) multi-source mode.  Mode selection is controlled by a jumper setting prior to installation.  When using the AB-124 with a single-source Cat5e audio hub, it should be set for the single-source mode.  In this mode, the unit provides basic controls: volume up, volume down, and power on/off.  When using it with a multi-source Cat5e audio matrix, it should be set for multi-source mode.  In this mode, any zone can independently select and listen to any source at any time.  Source selection can be done either from the AB-124 amplified keypad or by using the A0501 remote control. 

The Channel Vision AB-134W A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad amplifies in-room speakers, and can be controlled with a remote or local push-button control.  The AB-124 is a single-gang decorator style screw-less plate, and is back-lit with blue LED indicators.

  • Includes: (1) AB-124 White A-Bus Multi-Source Amplified Keypad
  • Amplifies in-room speakers
  • Remote or local push-button control
  • Single-gang decorator plate included (screw less)
  • Back-lit keypad with blue LED indicators
  • Available in White (AB-124) or Ivory/Almond (AB-124IA)

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC
  • Cable requirements: CAT5 or better
  • Speaker impedance: 6-8 ohm
  • IR repeating: 30-60 kHz
  • IR sensor range: 40’@40kHz, 25’@56kHz
  • Operating Temperature: -10ºC to +50ºC
  • Part#: AB-134W


Basic Operation:

  • Using the AB-134W Amplified Keypad:

The Pwr (power) button located at the lower left of the keypad is used for source selection and to turn the unit on or off. When in single-source mode, press and release the Pwr button to toggle the keypad on or off. When in multi-source mode, if the keypad is off, press and release Pwr to turn it on.  Press Pwr again to see the current source selection and press repeatedly to scroll through the 4 sources. Press and hold the power button to turn the keypad off.  While the keypad is off, press and hold the power button again to turn off the zone output of the P-1044.

As you change sources when in multi-mode, you’ll notice that the top 4 LEDs illuminate corresponding to the source you have selected.  When source one is selected, the first LED is illuminated, when source two is selected, the second LED is illuminated, and so on.

After a source is selected the LED will stay lit for 5 seconds, then it will return to showing the current volume level.

Volume adjustments can be made using the up/down buttons to the right hand side of the keypad.  The keypad can be controlled from the A0501 remote control (see the section titled: Using the A0501 remote control for more details).

  • Connection Tips and Troubleshooting:

1) Be sure you have connected the CAT5 cable correctly. Follow the TIA-568A standard at both ends. Miss-wiring can cause distorted sound or prevent the system from working at all!

2) Be sure you have connected the speakers in phase. Follow the label on the product. Out of phase speakers can rob the system of its bass, especially when driving dual-voice-coil speakers.

3) Trouble with IR control?

a. Make sure you are using the correct remote control.  The AB-134W will respond to IR signals from the A0501 and the AB-500 remotes produced by Channel Vision. The A0501 can provide both volume control and source selection commands, but the AB-500 is only pre-programmed with the volume control commands.  Other 3rd party remote controls that are capable of learning the IR codes from the A0501 can also be used.

b. The top LED on the AB-134W acts as an IR receiver feedback LED that flashes whenever IR signals are received.  Check to make sure the LED flashes whenever you press buttons on your remote control.  If you don’t see the feedback LED, try replacing the batteries in your remote control.

c. Make sure your IR emitters are placed directly over the sensor on the device you are trying to control.

4) If no audio is heard, check to make sure that the audio source is playing, then press the power button on the AB-124 to make sure it is turned on.

a. Note, if the status jumper is on pins 1 & 2, the AB-134W will turn off if there is no audio present for more than 2 minutes.  For most applications, it will be desirable to place the status jumper on pins 2 & 3 so that the AB-134W will revert back to its previous condition (either on or off) when music is played after a long pause. 

b. There may be something wrong with the CAT5 audio hub.  Some Channel Vision audio hubs provide LED indicators to show which zones are connected and active.  Review these LEDs and refer to the instruction manual for your specific audio hub.

5) Observe wiring distance specifications. The maximum recommended wire length between the audio hub output and AB-124 is 150 feet.  Although the AB-134W can work at greater distances, such extreme distances are not recommended because erratic performance may result due to the power loss caused by the CAT5 wire.

6) If you need additional help troubleshooting the AB-134W please contact Channel Vision technical support or check their website for more details: www.channelvision.com.