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2GIG-GB1-345 - 2GIG Wireless Glass Break Detector

2GIG: 2GIG-GB1-345 Glass Break Detector
One year Warranty

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The 2GIG-GB1-345 Glass Break Detector is a fully supervised, tamper-protected, ceiling- or wall-mounted unit with 15 ft. maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, and dual-stage glass break detection.

The 2GIG-GB1-345 Glass Break Detector monitors the sound of breaking glass in a particular area.  It is fully supervised, tamper protected, and features (2) test LEDs. 

The 2GIG-GB1-345 includes (3) Phillip’s head screws, three (3) plastic wall anchors, and Lithium batteries that provide 5 years of life. 

  • Includes: (1) 2GIG-GB1-345 Glass Break Detector
  • Wireless Signal Range: 300 ft., open air, with 2GIG Wireless Alarm Control Panel
  • Code Outputs: Alarm; Alarm Restore; Tamper; Tamper Restore; Supervisory; Low Battery
  • Transmitter Frequency: 345.000 MHz (crystal controlled)
  • Transmitter Frequency: Tolerance ± 15 kHz
  • Transmitter Bandwidth: 24 kHz
  • Modulation Type: Amplitude Shift Keying—On/Off Keying (ASK-OOK)
  • Unique ID Codes: Over one (1) million different code combinations
  • Supervisory Interval: 70 minutes
  • Peak Field Strength: Typical 50,000 uV/m at 3m
  • Sensor Type: Single microphone, dual stage thud, and crash
  • Mounting Height: 7 ft. (2.13 m) Minimum to 10 ft. (3.05 m) Maximum
  • Sensor Range: 15 ft. (4.57 m)
  • Maximum Horizontal Sensing Angle: 360° for ceiling mount or 180° for wall mount
  • Dimensions (DxH): 4.55 x 1.9 in. (11.56 x 4.83 cm)
  • Weight (including battery & bracket): 5.1 oz. (144.6 g)
  • Housing Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing
  • Battery (included, not installed): Two (2) Panasonic CR123A, or equivalent Lithium batteries
  • Regulatory Listing(s): ETL, FCC Part 15, Industry Canada
  • Approved Glass Break Simulator: Intellisense FG-701
  • Factory Warranty: Two (2) years
  • Included Accessories: Three (3) Phillip’s head screws, three (3) plastic wall anchors
  • Part#: 2GIG-GB1-345

2GIG-GB1-345 Installation/Mounting & Programming Guidelines

To setup the 2GIG-GB1-345 glass break detector:

1. Hold the 2GIG-GB1-345 Glass Break Detector unit upside down and twist the base counter clockwise to remove it.

2. Install recommended batteries making sure to observe the correct polarity.

3. Wait 5 seconds for the power up delay.

4. Enter the programming mode for a wireless device on the 2GIG alarm control panel.

5. Enroll the Glass Break Detector by pressing and holding the tamper switch for 2 seconds.

To Mount the 2GIG-GB1-345 glass break detector:

1. Place the Glass Break Detector base on the opposite wall or adjacent wall to the window being protected.

2. Affix the 2GIG-GB1-345 base to the desired location utilizing the 3 long mounting screws with anchors that are supplied. NOTE: For wall mounting the test button should be oriented down nearest the floor.

3. When attaching the 2GIG-GB1-345 detector to the base, match the alignment marks and twist clockwise. If batteries are not present, the red tabs must be held away from the detector.