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16/4FPLR-SH - 16-4 Shielded FPLR Fire Alarm Wire, 1000ft

ICC Cabling Products: 16-4 Shielded Fire Alarm Wire Cable Solid FPLR Red 1000ft

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The 16/4FPLR is a 16 gauge 4 conductor shielded FPLR solid fire alarm wire used for power limited fire alarm and communications applications.  It is perfect for wiring fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and various fire protective circuits. The 16-4 fire alarm wire is designed to support both riser and non-riser fire alarm wiring applications where overall shielding is required.  The overall shielding on this 16-4 fire alarm wire will protect your signals from any outside interference that could interrupt the integrity of your fire alarm system.    

This 16-4 fire alarm wire is sun resistance, includes a ripcord, drain wire, sequential footage markings, and an overall foil shield. It also has color coded conductors for easy identification.  This 16-4 shielded fire alarm wire is constructed using 16 gauge solid bare copper conductors and supports 300v operations.  16-4 FPLR fire alarm wire is common for use in both residential and commercial fire alarm applications.

Our 16-4 FPLR fire alarm wire is manufactured to Type FPLR, NEC Article 760, and California State Fire Marshal standards. Type FPLR power-limited fire alarm riser cable is listed as being suitable for use in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor. All FPLR cables are listed as having fire-resistant characteristics capable of preventing fire from traveling floor to floor. This 16-4 

  • Includes: (1) 16-4 Shielded Fire Alarm Wire Cable Solid FPLR Red 1000ft
  • 1000ft
  • 16 Gauge 4 Conductor Solid
  • Bare copper conductors with Overall Foil Shield
  • PVC w/sun resistance, ripcord and sequential footage marking
  • Rated temperature: 60°C
  • Color Code: Black, Red, White, Green
  • Foam Polypropylene insulation
  • Cabled construction
  • 300V operation
  • Alum/Poly Foil 100% Coverage - With Drain Wire
  • Applications include: Power limited fire alarm and communications cable for riser or non-riser applications. 
  • Used for wiring fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, signaling, and fire protective circuits
  • Approvals: UL Type FPLR/CMR, NEC Article 760, California State Fire Marshal
  • Part#: SCP-16/4FPLR-SH