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FS6PL2 - ICM Plenum Rated RG6 Coaxial Cable F Connector

ICM: FS6PL2 Plenum Rated RG6 Compression F Connector



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The ICM FS6PL2 is the perfect compression F connector for terminating plenum rated RG6 coaxial cables. The FS6PL2 delivers a full 360 degree compression crimp that protects the cable from environmental conditions that could negatively affect the life of the termination or video signal quality.

The ICM FS6PL2 is designed to successfully fit on special plenum rated RG6 coaxial cables. If you are wiring a building using plenum rated RG6 coaxial cable than this is the connector you need for successful terminations. The FS6PL2 also features a patented no-blind entry system that makes it impossible not to have a successful termination the first time! For best results terminate the FS6PL2 F connectors with the ICM Cable Pro CPLCCT-SLM compression tool and prepare your cable with ICM PSA59/6 cable stripper both offered by Cabling Plus!

  • Includes: (1) FS6PL2 Plenum Rated RG6 Coaxial Cable F Connector
  • Designed for use with plenum rated RG6 coaxial cable
  • F-Conn connectors provide full 360 compression crimp
  • The FS6PL2 radial design reduces the possibility of an impedance problem and can defeat ingress/egress at the connector
  • Internal O sealing rings prevent moisture migration, while the large ferrule surface insures proper RF and digital interface
  • Does not require soldering
  • AT&T approved
  • Meet SCTE-IPC and Bellcore requirements
  • Part#: FS6PL2