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Comelit Video Intercom Kits Provide Security That Is Simple Yet Powerful

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If you are looking for an intercom system that is simple to install, yet very powerful when it comes to securing a location, Comelit video intercom kits are a great solution.

It's Best to Start Out With Kits, Then Go From There

Kits are almost always going to be the best place to start, since you will end up with the same items that make up the kit if you were to buy components separately. Comelit's intercom kits give you enough to install a simple system, but there is a kit available that is expandable enough to allow you to install a more sophisticated configuration if you need it.

HFX-700M Kit

Comelit's HFX-700M hands-free intercom kit comes with one doorbell camera and monitor, expandable to two doorbell cameras and four monitors. The doorbell component is in a weatherproof housing, making it well-suited for outdoor use. The camera has 250,000 pixels of resolution, and when combined with the 3 ½ inch monitor and its 320 x 240 pixel resolution you get a clear, sharp image of who or what is at your door. White LEDs surround the camera for extra light when conditions near the doorbell unit are dimly lit. The speaker and chime volume are adjustable.

With a multiple monitor configuration, the system has 'page all' feature that notifies all monitor units when activated. It also has the capability to release a secured door remotely. The simple wire installation is a CAT5e to 18AWG multi-conductor cable.

HFX-700R Kit

If you are generally impressed with the HFX-700M kit, but feel that it falls a little short of what you need for a superior intercom system, consider the HFX-700R kit. At first glance, it appears to be no different than the HFX-700M. It too comes with one monitor and one doorbell camera unit standard and is expandable to four monitors and two doorbell camera units. The HFX-700R also has the weather resistant housing, 'page all' and remote door release features, but that is where the similarities with HFX-700M end.

With the addition of two EX-HUBs (sold separately) the HFX-700R is expandable to a total of eight monitors. The addition of an optional Micro SD card gives you the ability to record full-motion video. The camera also has digital pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability.


You can expand from the standard Comelit intercom kit components with the addition of one or more of the following items:

The EX-700A is an audio-only station that can be included with the HFX-700M or HFX-700R systems. This station is a good option if you do not require a video monitor everywhere, or if you have budget issues as this model is about 40% cheaper than the EX-700H video monitor unit with the same door release feature.

The EX-700H is an audio and video monitoring unit that can be installed with either the HFX-700M or HFX-700R kits. It has a door release function with a 3 ½ inch monitor and 320 x 240 pixels of resolution.

The EX-HUB makes it possible to expand HFX-700R setups up to a total of eight monitors. It also has a repeater, allowing you to double the distance between the master and the last expansion unit.

EX-700D is the model of the doorbell camera unit used in the HFX-700M kit. As mentioned earlier, if has a weatherproof housing for outdoor use and white LEDs for better illumination.

The EX-700V is an optional metal cover for the doorbell unit. The cover has rubber seals and security screws to protect against vandalism and for added protection against the elements.

Comelit intercom kits provide a great starting point for creating an intercom system that best fits your needs. You have the ability to make a simple or complex configuration as needed and can save money on individual components while still having an effective system to protect your business or home.