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ICMP4P4CHS - ICC RJ22 Modular Connectors, Flat Stranded Cable, 100 Pack

ICC Cabling Products: ICMP4P4CHS RJ22 Modular Connectors



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At Cabling Plus we understand how important it is to have the right modular connectors to do the job! It is important to choose the modular connectors that fit the telephone or network cable you are terminating. You also need to choose the connector that creates the connection you need to attach your cable to your network devices. Modular connectors are used every day to terminate cables that support the installation of computers, telephones, IP cameras, patch panels, or any other common devices that are being connected to a network.

The ICC ICMP4P4CHS modular RJ22 connectors are 4-position and 4-conductor plugs designed for use with flat stranded flat cable. The ICMP4P4CHS connectors are ideal for customization of cords for voice or other low speed transmission applications.

  • Includes: (100) ICMP4P4CHS RJ22 Modular Connectors
  • Designed for 4-position 4-conductor, stranded wires, flat line cord entry
  • Ideal for custom handset cords or telephone cables
  • Accepts 28-24 AWG stranded wires
  • Gold plated contacts provide reliable performance and long life
  • UL Listed
  • Part#: ICMP4P4CHS