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CAT124Z34 - Caddy 3/4" Galvanized J-Hook with 4Z34 Clip

Caddy: CAT124Z34 3/4" J-Hook with 4Z34 Clip



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The CADDY CAT124Z34 is a 3/4” galvanized j-hook that features a built-in 4Z34 clip that is designed to attach the j-hook to drop ceiling wire or a threaded rod. The CAT124Z34 is the ideal solution for managing and routing low voltage cables while suspending them from the ceiling.

The 4Z34 clip or “bat wing” that is attached to this j-hook provides a strong durable connection for suspending low voltage wire and cable from the ceiling. Once the CAT124Z34 is attached to its intended threaded rod or wire hanger it is ready to start supporting low voltage cable runs. The CAT124Z34 has a maximum load capacity of 48 lbs and complies with all relative NEC and TIA requirements.

  • Includes: (1) CAT124Z34 3/4" Galvanized J-Hook with 4Z34 Clip
  • UL Listed and complies with NEC and TIA requirements for structured cabling systems
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive cable tray
  • Galvanized finish to provide smoother cable pull and greater corrosion resistance
  • Provides proper support of Category 5e, Category 6a, fiber optic and inner duct
  • Perfect solution for suspended cable applications
  • 3/4" Diameter Loop
  • Includes built-in 4Z34 clip
  • Part#: CAT124Z34

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