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LVS2 - Arlington Screw-On New Construction Low Voltage Mounting Bracket, 2 Gang

Arlington: LVS2 2 Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket



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The Arlington Industries LVS2 is a double gang non-metallic screw-on low-voltage mounting bracket designed for “new construction” applications. This is the ideal solution for preparing 2 gang low voltage outlets in residential pre-wires or commercial new construction installations. The LVS2 features integrated on-board screws that are ready to be driven directly into wall studs in preparation for future outlets. The LVS2 will eventually support the installation of any 2 gang voice, data, audio video wall plates or any other low voltage outlets.

The LVS2 is designed to be installed in the wall and attached to a stud so you can eventually mount plates flush against the wall. The LVS2 brackets are simple to install and allow for a durable but professional wall outlet installation.

  • Includes: (1) LVS2 Screw-On New Construction 2 Gang Low Voltage Bracket
  • Double Gang
  • Non-metallic
  • For low Voltage Class 2 Only
  • Has built-in loop to tie off cable
  • Come complete with screws parked in place and ready to install
  • Install in 24% less time than steel or plastic mud rings
  • Part#: LVS2