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Buy The Right 14-2 Speaker Wire For Your Audio System!

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It seems like the 14-2 speaker wire has become the most popular speaker wire type on the market. Professional installers and Do-It-Yourselfers have chosen the 14-2 speaker wire as their go to speaker wire to support their surround sound and home theater installations. As consumers strive to get the best sound out of their audio systems they have started to realize how important it really is to use the right speaker wire for the job!


Buy The Right BNC Connectors For The Job!

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BNC connectors are the most common connector type used to terminate and attach RG59 coaxial cable to both a security camera and a CCTV DVR. Since most DVR's and security cameras have female BNC connectors on them, a male BNC connector is needed to create the required connections for the cable to connect to both devices. In a security camera installation the RG59 coaxial cable is used to deliver video from the security cameras to the DVR.


The Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool Make Cable Terminations Fast and Easy!

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Regardless of if you are a professional installer or a do-it-yourselfer the Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool is must have tool to terminate RJ45 crimp connectors on the ends of Cat6, Cat5e, and telephone cables. 

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Securing Your Home Has Become More Important Than Ever!

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Most home owners are more security conscious than ever. The reality is that times are tough, unemployment is high, and more than ever many people are struggling financially. As a result it is almost impossible to turn on the TV or read the newspaper and not see numerous stories about crime and theft. 5 years ago during the housing boom, home owners were more concerned about surround sound systems, entertainment equipment, or having the best and biggest TV, but today many home owners are turning to security products to protect their assets and ensure their family’s safety.


Security Cameras vs. Alarm Systems: Which is best for you?

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It is almost impossible to own a business and not utilize some type of security camera system for security. Security cameras fill the void of a common alarm system because they are watching all aspects of your property and recording valuable video. The video captured by a security camera system may end up being the most important tool you have to stop crime and catch a criminal.


Huge Selection of Cat5e and Cat6 Network Cables

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Let Cabling Plus help you choose the right network cable for your high performance network installation. We offer the network cable that will ensure your network performs!


66 Block Installation Guide

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A 66 block is a very common piece of telecommunications equipment seen in most residential and commercial telephone closets. Essentially a 66 block is a type of punch down block used to connect wires that will eventually feed your telecommunication service. A 66 block is designed to support the termination of 22 to 26 gauge wire which is the common gauge range of your standard telephone network cables. A 66 block is like a central hub for your telephone services.


Important Characteristics Of A Bullet Camera

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The Bullet camera is the most popular security camera type sold today. It gets its name due to its cylinder or bullet shaped look. Bullet cameras have many characteristics that make them so popular. They are vandal proof, weatherproof, easy to install, and will mount just about anywhere. Many people often think they can see farther because of their shape and look, but this is really not true. The only difference between a bullet camera and any other camera type is its exterior housing.


Using Pre-Made CCTV Cables Is Always An Option!

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Using Premade CCTV Siamese cables in your security camera system installation may be the best option for you. Premade security camera cables have grown in popularity and are ideal for do-It-yourselfers and business owners that seek a fast and easy security camera installation. Premade CCTV cables come with all the connectors pre-terminated on the wires so all the installer has to do is plug them in and power up the cameras.


Cabling Plus Offers The Best Security DVR’s On The Market!

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Cabling Plus has a reputation for offering the best security DVR products manufactured by the top manufacturers in the security industry. We also take pride in offering the security DVR lines that have the strongest warranties in the business. As an Authorized Distributor of all the lines we offer, our customers are guaranteed that their warranties are 100% protected and that they get free technical support for the life of the product.