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How To Choose The Best Position To Mount Your Security Cameras

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Without doubt the most important factor of any CCTV system is the location you choose to mount your security cameras. Without choosing the right camera location, your entire surveillance system will be far less effective than it might otherwise be. In fact, having a camera installed properly in the right location is even more important than the type of camera you buy – even the most expensive CCTV cameras can’t see around corners!


Best Dome Cameras With The Best Warranties!

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Use dome cameras from Cabling Plus to secure your home and business! Use the dome cameras that are built to perform! With over 15 years of low voltage experience, we feel we understand what customers need to secure the things that are most important to them.


Don’t Be Dumb! Use CCTV To Secure Your Home And Business!

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In the past it was thought that a CCTV system was just for large business security applications. Most people would never think that they would install one at their small business or even at their home. Over the years the prices have come down and the products have gotten easier to install. Today it seems like everyone is installing a CCTV system! There is no doubt that business owners and home owners feel that they need more than just a standard burglar alarm.


Stop! Read This Before Buying Any Speaker Wire!

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Most Do-It-Yourselfers find the most difficult part of implementing their new surround sound system is choosing the right speaker wire to give them the power and the sound they are striving for. Let’s face it! No one wants to install a complete home theater system only to find out that the speaker wire they installed is causing their speakers to under-perform. The end result could be very expensive and time consuming if you have to re-pull new cables and replace them with the right speaker wire types that are needed.


Understanding Crimp And Compression BNC Connectors

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CCTV cable is most commonly just a simple piece of RG59 coaxial cable that is ran between your security camera and DVR or any other video viewing devices. The RG59 coaxial cable type is the best choice cable type for video transmission in a surveillance application. CCTV cable is really the common term that encompasses the cable and its use.


Choosing The Right Security DVR Is Key!

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So you are thinking about buying a CCTV system and you have been online scouting all the different cameras that you can find – you've got your eyes on that snazzy bullet camera and are also considering buying a dome camera as well. After all, cameras are the most important thing and they should be the biggest expenditure, right? Wrong!


Your Guide to Installing New Cable TV Lines At Your Home

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It is not uncommon for a home owner to want to install new cable TV lines. This is very common when moving the location of a TV or adding a new line in a room that does not currently have a cable TV outlet. If you are moving a TV to another part of the room then extending the current line is very simple. But if you are adding a new line to a room then this will entail installing new cable and creating a new outlet.


Cabling Plus Offers The Siamese CCTV Cables You Need!

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Cabling Plus is offers a huge selection of CCTV cables used in residential and commercial CCTC system installation. We only offer the CCTV cables made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Cabling Plus offers the CCTV cables you need for a successful security camera system installation!


Building Cat5e and Cat 6 Patch Cables: Things You Need!

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Making quality patch cables is a very simple task as long as you have the right tools and parts needed. Many professional installers don’t mind making custom patch cables because they are efficient in doing so because it is part of their day to day business. So most professional installers get a lot of practice making their own custom cables. Plus the parts needed to make both Cat5e patch cables and Cat 6 patch cables are most commonly found right there in their tool box!


High Quality Speaker Wire Really Makes A Difference!

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Remember 20 years ago when installing speakers at your home was as simple as throwing that thin, clear, banana peel style speaker wire on the ground and connecting it right to the back of your speakers? Remember how cheap that wire was and how no one even cared about the cables jacket or the thickness of the cable? In the past the quality, thickness, copper type, and specifications of speaker wire were not things that people thought would influence the quality of sound.