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LevelOne Network Switches: A Great Solution For Any Environment

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Whether you are a one-man show with minimal network usage or a corporate behemoth whose network can stop the earth's rotation, LevelOne network switches are a great fit for a variety of network architectures.  High-end enterprise networks can be configured an infinite number of ways, but one thing they have in common is a huge demand for data and access to resources. LevelOne provides several Gigabit Ethernet Network switches for enterprise level networks.

The GSW-2457 is an affordable option for businesses with high data traffic. Its 24 ports can be plugged into PCs, servers, routers and hubs, making almost any combination of devices possible. The unit is Plug and Play and requires no configuration, making installation simple. Its 19 inch rack mountable construction is convenient for the typical rack in a server room. LEDs allow techs to locate network problems easily.

Energy consumption across a network can become one of the biggest expenses a company must deal with. The green line of LevelOne network switches that use power more efficiently than conventional models are a great way companies can deal with these costs without sacrificing performance.

One of the green LevelOne network switches is the GSW-1603. This switch offers the Gigabit Ethernet performance of conventional switches like the GSW-2457, but uses LevelOne Green Technology to use power more efficiently.

Active Link Detection detects inactive ports and avoids routing traffic to them, thereby reducing overall power consumption. Cable Length Detection detects the length of a cable installed on a given port and adjusts power consumption according to length, unlike other switches that provide constant power consumption in all ports without regard to cable length. Finally, the Sleep Mode feature allows the switch to operate in a low consumption standby state during inactive times like weekends, holidays or after normal working hours at night.

For smaller capacity networks, a Gigabit Ethernet switch may be too expensive and unnecessary. Fast Ethernet switches provide a more affordable choice for smaller budgets while still providing 100 megabit performance fast enough for simpler configurations.

The FSW-2450 is a great solution for small businesses that use many devices. With 24 ports you can connect with many devices and set up an almost limitless number of configurations. Its 19 inch rack mount body can be installed on a server rack and its Plug and Play design eliminates the need for setup. Diagnosing problems is faster, thanks to the LEDs on the outside. It saves up to 14% in power consumption compared to non-green models.

For home offices or the smallest businesses, the FSW-0811 is probably the best bet. This inexpensive model sells for just over $20, yet still has some of the features found on the more expensive LevelOne network switches. You get the same LevelOne Green Technology with the aforementioned Active Link Detection, Cable Length Detection and Sleep Mode features. It has 200 Mbps performance and the Plug and Play design that makes installation a cakewalk.

These are only a few of the models of Level One network switches available on the market. You can be assured that whatever model you choose has been built with the highest quality and is backed by a two-year warranty. You get a variety of options well suited to almost any type of configuration from a reputable company that has provided networking products sinc