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Ganz Line of IP Security Cameras Allow Leveraging Of Existing Technology

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If your site already has an extensive Ethernet network installed, it makes sense to consider strongly the idea of using internet protocol security cameras for your security camera system.  An IP camera works on an Ethernet network as if it was just another device where you can use existing cabling, routers and servers to manage your surveillance system. You can use features like digital zoom that would not possible with a closed circuit system.  An IP system also allows you to configure a computer as a server and use its hard drive storage for archiving video. You can easily configure recording settings like the frame rate and how far back in time you want to store video before deleting it.

Ganz offers a variety of IP security cameras deigned for monitoring in several different environments. All models come with a two or three-year warranty and free lifetime tech support.

Box Cameras

The ZN-C1 box camera comes standard with VGA resolution, but is also available with 720 and 1080 pixels of resolution and a 2.8-12mm infrared (IR) lens. You can install it indoors or outdoors, but to do the latter, you need to use a protective cover like Ganz's iPak Outdoor Housing Kit. The camera supports dual streaming video and has true day/night performance.

The ZN-C1M is a slight upgrade, coming standard with 720 pixel resolution, but available with a 1080 pixel configuration and a 3-8mm Megapixel IR lens. Otherwise it pretty much has the same features as the ZN-C1.

Closing out the box cameras is the ZN-C2M, which is very similar to the ZN-C1M, except it comes standard with 1080 pixel resolution.

Dome Cameras: Indoor Models

The PT110-IP is a dome security camera that has a vandalism-resistant housing great for use in higher risk areas. It offers pan, tilt and zoom capability (PTZ) with up to 127 preset positions, 12x digital zoom and 10x optical zoom. It is compatible with Pelco P&D protocols, H.264 compression and can record up to 30 images per second at D1 resolution.

Ganz's ZN-D1A dome camera comes standard with VGA resolution but is available with 720 and 1080 pixel configurations. It uses H.264 and MJPEG compression and has a service monitor output, making maintenance easier. One of its most compelling features may be its compatibility with several surveillance systems including Milestone, Genetec, OnSSI and Video Insight.

The ZN-D1MAP dome camera adds features that make it a great choice for applications requiring frequent zooming. It's made possible with the precise iris (P-Iris) and ProSet system, which allows zooming and focusing control directly from a PC.

Closing out the interior dome IP security cameras is the ZN-D2MAP. It is essentially the same camera as the ZN-D1MAP, except it comes standard in a 1080 pixel configuration.

Dome Cameras: Outdoor Models

The DDK-1500D comes with a vandalism-resistant covering ideal for more risky security environments outdoors with motion detection for 96 zones. It operates in dimly lit conditions with IR illumination up to 60 feet and a mechanical IR filter with day/night function.

Ganz's ZN-DT1A meets IP66 standards for outdoor operation, offering true day/night performance with its IR filter. Delivering high quality images without sacrificing performance is possible through H.264 and MJPEG compression.

The ZN-DT1MA is very similar to the ZN-DT1A except that it adds the ProSet system, allowing you to set zoom and focus directly from a PC. The ZN-DT2MA is a slight step up from the ZN-DT1A and ZN-DT1MA with 1080 pixel resolution.

Internet protocol cameras are a great, cost effective surveillance solution for many sites that already have an Ethernet network installed. With their selection of indoor and outdoor models and powerful features that take advantage of IP technology, Ganz security cameras deserve a lot of consideration for many security systems.