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Digital Watchdog Security Cameras: Price & Flexibility!

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You can get a wide selection of security cameras for a variety of surveillance environments from Digital Watchdog. It would be too lengthy to describe all their cameras in this article, but what we can do is talk about the best camera from each group.

In the Digital Watchdog dome cameras, the top of the line model is the V1382TIRH, which has several features that make it a good fit for surveillance in extreme conditions. It has a built-in heater that allows it to operate at temperatures as low as -40°F. It can also operate in extreme heat, at temperatures up to 140°F.  The unit is resistant to fogging in conditions of high humidity or even rain. It uses infrared LEDs for night surveillance and can be configured with privacy zones which block out areas that are not to be viewed. The dome is also resistant to vandalism, making the unit a good option for areas high crime or other security risks.

Box security cameras are a great option for locations that cover a relatively small area where a fixed camera will work just fine and a more complex PTZ camera is not necessary. Digital Watchdog's C235T is a high resolution box camera model that can film in color or black-and-white with 540 TV lines of resolution and a 720 x 540 effective pixel display.

In addition to the crisp images, it also has technology that adjusts to adverse lighting conditions at the pixel level for a more accurate image, thanks to PIXIM technology. It also has smear canceling to give you good quality video where other cameras would fail. Installation is easier than with non-box cameras as you can mount and align the camera easily and choose from numerous lenses for the best possible image.

Bullet style security cameras build on the successful design and features of box cameras with additional features that make them well-suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. The B1367WTIR650 security camera is the top of the line bullet camera from Digital Watchdog. It comes with a varifocal auto iris lens that allows you to set numerous focal length settings with the same lens. Its weatherproof enclosure meets IP66 standards and it also has a built-in heater for use in colder temperatures. It has 560 TV lines of resolution while in color mode and switches to black-and-white at night.

Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras offer the greatest flexibility in security cameras with the ability to adjust to thousands of different positions within a surveillance zone. The DWC-PTZ39XFM offers the best performance in PTZ cameras. The camera is great for outdoor surveillance with its vandalism resistant cover that operates in extreme weather. The 12x digital zoom with auto focus ensures a clear image as you zoom in. You can also set privacy zones and the Star Light technology allows the camera to capture images in very dim lighting. With all this performance you also get quality that is backed by a two-year warranty.

Mini dome cameras are a great option for systems that work well with the regular dome or box camera installations, but where a more flush installation is needed or preferred, perhaps because of aesthetics or limited space. The MC355T uses PIXIM technology which makes it possible for the image to adjust light levels at the pixel level, resulting in a more accurate image. It also has smear canceling and uses a 3.6mm fixed iris lens.

The selection of security cameras from Digital Watchdog has something for almost any installation whether indoors or outside, with a fixed position or full PTZ abilities. Before paying the expense of a complex camera surveillance system, take the time to closely examine where you need to set up cameras and compare the requirements to the features of current models.